It seems as if the more one tries to fit a cardio workout into their schedules the harder it is to find the time in which to incorporate getting to the gym.

No fear, as the cardio workout does not have to be done in the gym at all. Cardio can be done when and where one finds the time. The best cardio for many ends up being whatever exercise program or activity in which they are successful in accomplishing.

Argumental Insight

Healthy People

According to the Surgeon General's Report on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention labeled Healthy People, 1979 Public Health Service, US Department of Health, Education and Welfare, “the health of the American People has never been better.” The Healthy People report goes on to read, “Clearly, the American people are deeply interested in improving their health. The increased attention now being paid to exercise, nutrition, environmental health and occupational safety testify to their interest and concern with health promotion and disease prevention.”

Recommendations by Healthy People

The Dietary Guidelines

The Healthy People report states over and over how they had little to no human based studies in which they were getting information used, they had studies on animals though. In some areas, such as smoking, human interaction studies has begun in and around 1972. 

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

Why then in 1980, one year later, the need to mass produce a set of legal binding dietary guidelines? The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) was created to assist the US Department of Health and Human Services.

It was the ODPHP that published and distributed the very first copy of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans as they had only been formed in 1976. Prior to that time basic tidbits of information was gathered and could be found only within the non-numbered publications known as the Home and Garden Bulletin No. 232.

Guidelines for Healthy Diet

The American Heart Association

The American Heart Association has estimates currently indicating US adults are nearing the 62% mark in regards to not doing any form of physical activity or workout. The American Heart Association went on to give the following recommendations for their idea of best cardio workout.

  • 75 minutes of vigorous weekly exercise
  • Minimum of 150 weekly minutes workout if moderate in nature.
  • ​Walking is no longer considered a good cardio source.
  • A “no pain, no gain” approach toward exercise.

The Surgeon General’s Recommendation

The American Heart Association and The Surgeon General continue to disagree allowing the two agencies’ personal debate regarding our health to continue. This is due to fact that The Surgeon General’s suggestions for exercise, as you can see below, do not match that of the American Heart Association, previously quoted.

  • You don't need to exercise until you're red in the face for it to be effective.”
  • 30 minutes of physical activity on most days of the week is recommended but the best method would be for that activity to be daily. That would equal 210 minutes.
  • ​Taking a leisurely walk was just as effective as a treadmill excursion leaving one dripping in sweat.
  • Fun is the first key factor to consider. It should be about what one likes.
Walking Also Can Be Cardio Workout

However, according to Jared M. Tucker, PhD, Gregory J. Welk, PhD, and Nicholas K. Beyler, PhD during joint studies found no “objectively measured physical activity levels among U.S. adults. Which agency is suggesting the proper plan? It will never be known for certain, however, they do agree on the fact that the citizens of the US do not get proper exercise.

How Cardio Helps

Cardio or aerobic exercises are a great means of many positives for the health and the body alike. This applies regardless the intensity levels one is currently working out. Some of the specifics aspects that one will notice once they begin a regular aerobic or cardio program might include any or all of the following helpful aspects.

  • A reduction in tension and stress.
  • Overall mental well-being to increase.
  • ​Self-esteem begins to steadily increase.
  • ​Greater oxygen levels are noticed as the red blood cells increase.
  • Resting heart rate improves.
  • Blood pumps more efficiently.
  • Function of the lungs and their muscles strengthen and assist in respiration.
  • Body throughout receives improved overall circulation.
  • ​The body's red blood cells increase.
  • The heart muscles becoming noticeably stronger.


                  According to Exerciserig the cardio workout when done correctly is one that can greatly improve one’s life, health and overall happiness. No matter if you workout at the gym or at home it is all for the betterment of the body.

                  If you have major health issues or concerns please see the family doctor before beginning a new workout regime to ensure that the workout is a means to help the health and is not going to risk hurting it any further. For those with breathing concerns or issues always make sure to work out with a buddy. Better safe now than sorry later.

                  Eventually the government will get themselves on the same page as to the specifics that they are trying to incorporate. Until that time mix the two and make a workout that you are happy with as it is your life that is at risk.

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