There is no shortage of weight loss recommendations circulating on the Internet today. Establishing a useful fitness routine is only one aspect of your quest to shed unwanted pounds. Proper nutrition is a vital, although often undervalued, factor that can significantly help, or hurt, your odds of achieving weight loss goals.

No matter how much you want to lose weight, making substantial changes to your diet isn’t always the most enjoyable experience. Using 21-day fix containers to create a useful meal plan allows you to continue eating the foods you like. The difference is that you’ll exercise more self-control when it comes to portion sizes.

A Brief Overview Of The 21-Day Fix Program

Team Beachbody created the 21-Day Fix program. Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon founded the company in 1998 and it has since become one of North America’s leading providers of results-driven fitness, nutrition, and weight loss solutions. Celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese is one of the foremost voices in support of utilizing 21-day fix portion control containers to achieve weight loss objectives.

Most people that attempt to shed unwanted weight recognize the importance of a healthy diet. It can still prove difficult to spend extra time prepping and cooking meals amidst the numerous responsibilities of daily life.

21 day fix program

This is why understanding how to use 21-day fix containers is so important.

The program includes seven fix containers of different sizes. The containers come in different colors and various sizes. The colors and sizes designate the specific types, and amounts, of food that should be stored in them. The idea is to reduce the amount of time spent counting calories and measuring ingredients by providing pre-measured 21-day fix meal containers for easy ingredient storage.

How Big Are The 21-Day Fix Containers

The seven containers used in the 21-day fix program are distinguished by color and size. The 21-day fix purple container is designed for fruits and the green container should be used for vegetables. Both 21-day fix diet containers will hold eight ounces of their designated food group. The 21-day fix red container holds five ounces of proteins and the 21-day fix yellow container provides storage space for four ounces of carbohydrates. The 21-day fix blue container is reserved for two ounces of healthy fats and the two 21-day fix orange containers will hold an ounce of desired seeds or dressings. The 21-day fix containers package, available on Amazon, also comes with a Shakeology Shaker Cup for drinks or smoothies.

Making The Most Of Your 21-Day Fix Containers

The various containers provided through the 21-day fix program make meal planning much easier, but acquiring the containers is simply the first step in designing a healthy nutrition plan. The next step requires accurate calculations of your calorie level and daily container count. The 21-day fix program uses a specific formula for recommending daily calorie level. The formula begins with the individual’s current weight and multiplies that number by eleven to establish a caloric baseline.

21 day fix colored containers

Utilizing The Fix Calorie Burn, 400, and the caloric deficit, 750, the formula establishes daily calorie recommendations depending on whether the individual wants to lose or maintain weight. The Fix Calorie Burn is added to the caloric baseline to establish a calorie count for weight maintenance. The caloric deficit is subtracted from the caloric baseline to find the caloric target for individuals that want to lose weight.

Once a desired calorie bracket is defined, the 21-Day Fix Eating Plan Guide should be used to determine how many of each colored container should be consumed everyday. For example, individuals with a calorie bracket of 1,200 to 1,500 should be consuming three 210 day fix green containers of vegetables daily.

DIY 21-Day Fix Containers

Signing up for the 21-day fix program will set you up with all the supplies you need to revolutionize your nutrition plan, but there’s no reason you can’t create your own properly-sized containers as well. Once you’re familiar with the appropriate sizes of each container, you’ll be well on your way to simplified meal planning. A simple Google search will reveal many options for whether to buy 21-day fix containers, so you shouldn’t hesitate any longer. Research 21-day fix containers for sale to get your renewed nutrition plan started today!

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