The best ways to get the best cardio workouts is the way that offers the most positive overall results. That most generally vary from person to person for a number of reasons some of which are as follows.

  • Different metabolism
  • Different body type
  • ​Different heredity factors
  • ​Potential illness
  • ​Medical conditioning
  • Being hurt or injured

Keeping the above differences in mind was one factor that lead to the variances in the twelve exercise tips that are now being offered. We are interested in hearing what works the best for you and await reading them below in the comments.

Rearrange Your Life With Cardio Workout

  • Be sure to set goals that are reachable and offer a realistic time frame in which to complete them.
  • Short time frames are a great way to start out so that the thrill of success can help drive and motivate.
  • ​Steady and slow, or is it slow and steady, this is how to begin again.
  • ​Balance is the key to improving cardio over the long run.
  • Lengthen the duration and impact as successful goals are reached.
After Long Cardio Session
  • Stay off and away from the scales.
  • Trim the normal calorie intake slowly.
  • ​Cut out the carbs that are starches and sugars.
  • ​Increase the good fats in the diet. These are the ones that are high in Omega-3. Omega-3 products include fish, nuts, peanut butter, fish oil, olive oil, and egg yolks.
  • Set reachable goals
  • Sprinting intervals: Alternating between burst of speed sprinting and the moderate run
  • Use those arms: While running swing arms. Do strokes as if swimming in the air.
  • ​Lengthen the duration of your workout: Extend the length of the workout. Mixing up the timing of the workout throws the body off and makes for a harder workout.
  • ​Incorporate strength training: Add weights to the workout. Ankle weights, dumbbells, or even on the arms.
  • Do more than two types of cardio a week: Mix up the cardio methods. Keeps the body on its toes.
Best Sport for Cardio
  • Make it harder: Find ways in which to raise the difficulty. Pedaling the bike standing. Use your arms as if in swimming battle. Add an inclined slope to the bike’s ride.
  • Tone Up on the Treadmill: Add the use of weights to the time on the treadmill.
  • ​Chart Your Progress: keep charts and records of the workout plan. This is a way to hold yourself accountable to stay motivated.
  • ​Break Out the Shovel: Shovel the driveways or rake the leaves. Kills the honey do list while building strength and endurance.
  • Work Out During Your Workday: Workout over lunch or right after work. Add ankle weights to your work attire.
  • Give Yourself a Break: Don’t overdo it. Do not push yourself.
  • Invite a friend: Invite a friend to work out with you so as to not get bored.
  • ​Make Over Your Running Routine: Add some variations to the run. Include a sprint or two or even a hurdle.
  • Make Over Your Running Routine: Add some variations to the run. Include a sprint or two or even a hurdle.
  • Don't forget to smile. Avoid doing anything that can worsen your day. Even cardio.
Dont Forget to Smile

15 Minute Workout: Jump Rope

Here are one of the  simplest cardio workouts for beginners, We added some variety in it though to keep it entertaining.

Jump Rope in Place

Traditional jump roping.

This can be your warm up.

Repeat for one minute.

Lateral Jumps

Rope placed on the ground.

Form a wide “U” shape.

Starting feet outer side of rope.

Foot barely off the floor.

Jump to the other side.

End where began.

Repeat for one minute.

Lateral Hops

Slide rope til about to touch.

Hop quickly.





Repeat for one minute.

Squat Jumps

Jump rope normally.

Add a squat each time you hit the floor.

Hold the squat position.

Keep holding.


Repeat 15 times.

Girl with Jumping Rope

Lunge Jumps

Jump rope normally.

Repeat for one minute.

Add a lunge to each hop.

From a lunge position switch sides

When airborne repeat.


If this is too tricky, simply run in place with your jump rope for one minute.

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