5-HTP (Hydrotryptophane) is a supplement that increased in popularity over the years. There is often skepticism about its use. However, it’s a powerful supplement that improves the overall function of one’s body. Because of this, it’s been sold across the world because of its healing properties.

A common question users ask is “Does 5-htp work?”. People who are new to the supplement are skeptical about its benefits. Through this article, we’ll give out information to help you make a good buying decision.

To add an extra layer of validity, we compiled reviews from verified customers. Customer reviews help give extra information that we might have missed out on. We want to help you make the right decision when it comes to buying the right supplements.

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NatureWise 5-HTP 100 mg

NatureWise 5HTP - Supports Appetite Suppression, Mood, Stress, and Sleep, 120 Vegetarian Capsules

Natrol 5-HTP Time Release Tablets

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Price Introduction

Understanding the price is the first step in gaining your supplements. However, they have an important part in making your budget. They generally range from $10 to about $30 at maximum.

5-HTP is inexpensive. While the price is low, you’ll gain a myriad of health benefits while using it. Users experience having faster weight loss, better sleep and increased serotonin production. No matter which one you pick from this list, you’ll enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

What Does 5 HTP Do?

5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is a chemical that is naturally produced from the body. Tryptophan comes from amino acids that come with food. Next, the tryptophan is converted into 5-Hydroxytryptophan. After that the chemical converts into Serotonin.

5HTP Molecule

Serotonin is the main chemical used to improve the mood. 5-HTP supplements contain high levels of serotonin which helps the user’s brain function. Because of this, 5-HTP gives positive effects on the mood, sleep, pain sensation, anxiety, and your appetite.

What Are Some 5 HTP Benefits?

Here’s a short list of the benefits gained when consuming 5-HTTP:

  • Reduced Depression
  • Decreased Chance of Headaches
  • ​Weight Loss
  • ​Improved Sleep
  • Anxiety Reduction

You’ll find a lot of benefits when using 5-HTP. Make sure to take the right amount of dosage. 5-HTP is a chemical that works when you use it daily. We’ll explain more about the recommended dosages below. This gives you a clearer understanding on how to get the most out of your 5-HTP supplement.

What Are Some 5HTP Side Effects?

5-HTP is compatible for people of different groups. You’ll notice that your body reacts differently when using it. While it works for most people, there are some side effects that do occur. However, by thinking proactively and safely, you’ll get the best out of 5-HTP.

One serious side effect is severe muscle pain. Known as Eosinophilia myalgia syndrome, users find it hard to move their muscles fluently. This happens due to a strain or overuse of the pills. Or it’s a genetic condition. Make sure to take the right dosage of your pills before it creates a larger issue.

Sever Muscle Pain

When taking 5-HTP, you’ll want to make intelligent decisions when using it. Most shoppers try to make the mistake of using it like a regular drug. Doing this only makes it hard for the user to operate later on. Taking care of the recommended dosages helps you get the most out of your 5-HTP pills.

To avoid getting the side effects, call your doctor before trying 5-HTP. Medical conditions need to be diagnosed before trying out this type of medication. Get a clear recommendation and reason to use 5-HTP to make sure you don’t fall into any medical issues in the long run.

Getting The Right 5 HTP Dosage

Like any supplement, 5-HTP is best when consumed in dosages. Shoppers make the mistake of not knowing the right dosage to take. This leads them into experiencing nausea and other unwanted side effects.

For adults, take at least 200 mg a day divided into 4 doses. Take about 50mg of 5-HTP after each meal. This ensures that you gain the benefits without causing issues to your health. In fact, 5 htp for anxiety is proven to fix one’s anxiety within 2 months.

Dosage of 5 HTP Tablets

People who have anxiety need to take a lower dosage. On average, the recommended 5 htp dosage for anxiety is about 100-150mg a day. Mainly, using 5 htp anxiety pills are a great way to fix anxiety.

Where To Buy 5HTP?

Getting 5 HTP isn’t difficult. It’s simple to do once you understand the benefits each capsule can offer. Here, we review the some of the methods of buying 5-HTP.

There are two ways to buy 5-HTP. Online and local pharmacies. When buying online, make sure to check the reviews before purchasing. Cheaper 5-HTP brands are saturated through online shopping. After researching, you’ll find the right 5-HTP brand to grant you the most utility.

Alternatively, you can buy it offline through a local pharmacy. This grants the advantage of receiving the capsule instantly. When shopping at the pharmacy, ask for recommendations. This ensures that you’ll buy the right set of 5-HTP to improve your health.

How Does 5-HTP Help Me Sleep?

Most consumers are skeptical because of its ability to improve one’s sleep pattern. However, the process isn’t as complicated as it seems. 5-HTP helps you sleep by improving the function of your brain. This helps the brain by improving your mental emotions and mood development.

Does 5 HTP Help you sleep

Improving the development of you emotions isn’t an easy feat either. It takes over 200 mg of 5-HTP a day to get your body back to a normal level of sleep. But through this capsule, you’ll notice your emotions to become more positive.

When you fix your emotions, it makes it easier for you to sleep. Studies show that people who sleep are more likely to feel satisfied. This is because you’re more able to be alert and set a good time to sleep during the right time. Overall, 5-HTP controls the neurons in your brain that make it easier for you sleep easier.

Is 5 HTP Safe?

Studies shown that 5-HTP is a safe. For instance, it’s been proven that 5-HTP reverses the effects of depression on the users. In fact, it’s useful in promoting weight loss. Users who’ve tried 5-HTP experienced a loss of over 6 pounds after a few weeks of use.

When going over the right amount of dosage, you’ll gain negative side effects. Here are the 5 htp side effects listed below.

  • Heartburn
  • Lack of Appetite
  • ​Nausea
  • ​Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

To prevent side effects, make sure you’re medically able to take 5-HTP. Check with your doctor before taking 5-HTP. The doctor helps by giving you an informed recommendation whether to take 5-HTP or not.

Alternative Uses For 5-HTP

One thing that you’ll notice about 5-HTP is its versatility. There is a lot of tasks it can handle besides improving the control and movements of one’s body. Because of this, it’s a great addition to have because of its multiple uses.

5 HTP Helps with Stress

Here are a few things that 5-HTP is good for the improvement of one’s stress levels. It works to reduce the amount of depression that is caused through continued exposure to stress. 5-HTP releases the serotonin to bring the mood and emotional level back to normal.

Psychiatric Disorders

Some Psychiatric disorders are found through stress. 5-HTP is proven to cure the psychiatric issues that come from schizophrenia and panic disorders. Thus, it’s a good choice for those needing mental therapy and an improved emotional mindset.

Sleep Disorders

Sleeping is a hard issue for some people. People who suffer insomnia have a hard time getting a good night’s rest. However, through a small dose of 150mg a day, their symptoms disappeared. Using 5-HTP improves your sleep schedule by placing you in the right emotional state.

5 HTP Sleep Disorders


Make sure to take care of your health. Seizures occur because of an imbalance in one’s body. Because of this, you’ll want to use 5-HTP to reverse this effect. It serves as a treatment for epilepsy. Using 5-HTP helps when prevent the body from having multiple seizure episodes and is a good method of treatment.

Extra Safety Precautions

When using any supplement, you’ll want to have the best knowledge of safety procedures. This helps you use the product in an efficient manner. Also, it prevents further issues occurring by not following directions. Use your medication correctly to maximize its usefulness.

Remember, 5-HTP is made to help the body. Combining 5htp and alcohol is not recommended. 5 htp alcohol combinations creates a disparity within one’s body. Users who use both at the same time experience memory loss, slurred speech and severe injury.

Don't mix 5 HTP and Alcohol

Another warning, don’t take 5-HTP with MDMA. 5-HTP produces serotonin to improve one’s mind. The Serotonin helps in producing positive moods to the mind. When using MDMA, it destroys the serotonin that comes from the mind.

Overall, the best way to prevent side effects is through using 5-HTP safely. Being safe requires the right amount of dosage to work properly. Making dangerous liquids and drugs are not recommended. Get your correct dosage out of your 5-HTP to remain safe and healthy.

Product #1 - NatureWise 5-HTP 100 mg

Technical Specs

  • 120 Vegetarian Capsules
  • Produces Serotonin
  • ​Reduces Calorie Intake
  • Recommended Dosage: 2 Pills a day


Beginning the list is the NatureWise 5-HTP. The capsule does the job of improving your serotonin levels in a quick timeframe. Serotonin is used to improve overall happiness and mood of the user. Because of this, it’s a cheap yet valuable investment.

Make sure to use the recommended 5 htp dosage. Consume up to 4 capsules a day to ensure you receive the benefits.

One thing users praised was the weight-loss capabilities associated with this product. For instance, they noticed a loss of about 5 pounds within the first week of usage. This HTP supplement is recommended for starting a weight loss diet.

NatureWise 5HTP - Supports Appetite Suppression, Mood, Stress, and Sleep, 120 Vegetarian Capsules

Another plus was in its improved sleep capabilities. Shoppers noticed that after using this supplement, they found their sleep more fulfilling. They could reset their sleep schedules and live healthier lifestyles. Use this supplement if you want to improve your sleeping.

But, there are a few issues associated with the product. Consumers felt bloated stomach a few days after usage. This makes it harder for them to receive the benefits that it offers. To combat this, take the required dosage every day. Discontinue using the supplement if your body continues these symptoms.

The NatureWise 5-HTP is a useful supplement to one’s diet. It reduces depression by increasing your serotonin levels. In addition, it promotes weight loss by helping the body reduce calories. While some users feel bloated afterwards, it still works to improve the body.

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PRODUCT #2 - Natrol 5-HTP Time Release Tablets

Technical Specs

  • Appetite Control
  • Increase Serotonin Development
  • ​100% Natural Ingredients
  • Recommended Dosage – 2 Tablets a Day


The Natrol 5-HTP Tablets have a lot of power behind them. Regular usage of this capsule improves your physical, mental and emotional well-being. It’s suggested to use this if you have trouble sleeping. The minerals within the capsule work to help get your sleep schedule back to normal.

Most things that consumers like about this 5-HTP tablets is the control of their body. It helps regulate the chemicals and toxins by removing them. It works as a supplement by enhancing your appetite in a quick manner.

Another thing that we’ve found on 5 htp amazon reviews is this tablet’s strength in improving sleep regulation. Shoppers noticed their average sleeping hours increased up to 5 hours after using this product. Make sure to use this when you want to improve your sleep pattern.

Consumers across the board complained about the negative results that happened with the supplement. It starts to create a jittery moment in the legs. This might be a problem for those who are wanting a supplement to aid their body.

Still, the Natrol 5-HTP Release Tablets do a great job at creating growth. You’ll want a supplement that keeps you healthy. Purchasing this supplement will put you in the right step in expanding your lifespan.

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PRODUCT #3 – MegaFood - Blood Builder, Energy Boosting Iron Supplement

Technical Specs

  • Includes multiple vitamins (Vitamin C, B12, Folate, Root, Iron)
  • Helps combat fatigue
  • Recommended Dosage: 1 Tablet a day


Next up is the Mega Food Energy Boosting Iron Supplement. You’ll have see a boost in your iron intake. This is a great thing if managed correctly. The supplement works by improving the iron levels and combating daily fatigue. Thus, this is a good starting 5-HTP Supplement for recovery.

One thing that users like about the product is the increase in the iron in one’s body. You’ll notice your skin becoming brighter because of the natural materials embedded into it. Make sure you take the right dosage to experience the benefits.

Another thing they’ve noticed was the 5 htp weight loss dosage. By taking only one pill a day, you gain the most power in your iron levels. In fact, it cures the damage caused from stressful activity. This is a good choice users who have problems with their weight.

However, shoppers complained about one side effect. When using the iron supplement, they’ve noticed a negative reaction in their hemoglobin. The hemoglobin controls various functions within the brain and can cause for vomiting to occur. You might not want this if you are looking for a product that’s does this.

Overall, this is a supplement used for active sports. Athletes need iron to fix the parts of their body. Without it, and you’re finding yourself facing a lot of energy issues. One pill a day is needed to experience the most out of this pair of tablets.

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PRODUCT #4 BRI Nutrition 5-HTP - 120 Count 100mg 5 HTP Veggie Capsules

Technical Specs

  • 100% Vegetable Capsules
  • Relaxation
  • ​Increase Sleep Control
  • Recommended Dosage: 3 Tablets a Day


Next up is the BRI Nutrition Veggie Capsules. It’s a 100% natural based capsule that improves the body significantly. Another thing you’ll notice about the pill is its ability to bring results. This is great for those wanting to get a new sleep pattern and live a healthy lifestyle.

One thing that we liked about the capsules is the increased relaxation. When consumers tried out the capsules, they’ve noticed an increase to their sleep levels. Because of this, people improved their sleep schedules by up to 30%. It’s a great entry-level capsule to enhance your lifestyle.

On the otherhand, there is a flaw that a few consumers pointed out. For instance, it isn’t good at granting the ability to fix one’s insomnia. However, this only happens when you forget the required dosage. Take only 1 pill a day to receive the most benefits out of it.

While there is a few issues with the capsule. Users found out that it has a smaller level of usability when getting the 5-HTPS capsule. You’ll have to watch out for cramps, bloating and nausea if it doesn’t work properly. Check to see if it works with you by asking your doctor for a recommendation.

It’s a good product that delivers what is advertised. When you first try BRI’s Nutrition’s supplement, you’ll meet a lot of benefits. In fact, you’ll notice a change in your sleep, weight and in relaxation levels after using it. Make sure that you take the recommended dosage to get the most out of the capsule set.

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PRODUCT #5 ZenWise Labs 5-HTP - 100 MG with Vitamin B6

Technical Specs

  • Recharges the Body
  • Decreases Stress
  • ​Weight Regulation
  • ​Better Sleep Schedules
  • Recommended Dosage: 4 Capsules a Day


Last on the list is 5-HTP - 100 MG with Vitamin B6 tablet. For people who are into active sports, this is a good choice. Your body feels an increased level of stress when taking on sports exercises. That’s why you’ll need this product to improve your level of serotonin through your body.

The main advantage that users suspect from this supplement is its anxiety improvement. After using the capsule, users noticed a positive change in their behaviors. This helps you get the most out of your supplements by improving the serotonin level that your brain produces.

Another plus lies in its reliability. People who have used this product noticed an increase in their sleeping habits, weight loss and stress when using this tablet. If you want something that grants the results you need, this is a great choice.

But, consumers disliked the increase of headaches. When using the tablet, some users disliked the increase of issues that occurred throughout their head. We suggest to stop using this if you notice any issue. And this might be an issue for those wanting something to fix their body proactively.

Despite the issues with the headaches, it’s a useful supplement to have. You’ll find that it’s healing effects start to happen during the third day of usage. Make sure to take the recommended dosage of 4 pills a day to get the maximum performance out of the supplement.

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The Verdict

We’ve chosen the Megablood Iron Supplement as the winner. It has a multitude of benefits that other supplements in this list lack. For instance, it has Vitamin C, B,12 and Iron to further help the body develop. Overall, we believe this is a great product for those wanting to improve their lifestyle.

To conclude, we believe that the future of supplements will include a lot of benefits. 5-HTP is a powerful chemical that brings Serotonin into the mind. Because of this, the future developments will have an increase of positive chemicals to improve one’s body.

Do you have a positive experience with any of the supplements listed above?

Leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

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