Successful dieting is all about portion control.

We are lazy creatures and fall off the diet wagon easily. We need tools and help that are designed to make dieting easy. If it’s easy, we’re more likely to stick with our diet. No matter what diet you’re on, these products are sure to help you manage the portions of your diet with ease.

1. Meal Measure Portion Control System

meal measure

This great solution is less than $20 and will allow you to measure your portions while they are on the plate. It has sections labeled for protein, starch, and vegetables or fruit. It fits on most plates and is easy to use. The system is dishwasher safe and can be used over and over again for everyone in the family. There’s no need to buy multiples.

2. Jaxx FitPak


This portion control system is perfect if you’re looking for a solution to packing your lunch every day. There are six containers that are leak proof, a shaker cup, a vitamin pack and an ice pack for the insulated lunch bag.

You can get your protein shake and your meals for the whole day plus your vitamins in the insulated pack. If you work long hours or are on the go regularly, this makes managing your diet easy because you won’t rely on fast food or other tempting snacks. You have everything you need with you to maintain a healthy diet.

3. Smaller Plates

A simple solution that doesn’t require you to buy anything is to use a small salad plate for your main meals. The plates are smaller than a traditional dinner plate and hold less food. Fill up half of the plate with veggies and fruit and one-fourth with starch and the other fourth with protein.

There’s something psychological about seeing a full plate in front of you versus a large plate that has very little food on it. You’ll feel full and don’t need to purchase any extra items to manage portions.

4. Go Healthy Nutrition and Portion Control Travel Pack

travel pack

For less than $30, you get four divided plates to use for every day, on the go, or pack in a lunch. Everyone in the family can use the plates for meals. The plates have three sections with pictures for protein, grains, and veggies or fruit. These plates are also dishwasher safe to make your life easy.

5. Healthy Steps 10-Piece Portion Control Utensil Set

serving set

With this 10-piece set, you get everything you need to serve and portion out your meals. These utensils help you develop healthy eating habits and help you manage your meal portions. They each have labels with exact serving sizes so you don’t have to weigh or measure your food once it’s on the plate.

There is a serving spoon for your vegetables, a spatula for protein, a serving spoon to measure your starches, a pasta sauce measuring spoon, a pasta basket, salad dressing measuring lid, a grater for cheese, a scoop for cereal, a bowl to portion nuts, and a cookie dough scoop. At $47, the set is a little pricey, but when you remember that it includes 10 separate pieces, it’s really a great deal.

6. Plate Topper

plate topper

This solution doesn’t control your portions, but it makes saving food and reheating it easy. The Plate Topper fits on most plates and is microwave safe to cover your food for reheating. Bring half of your meal at a restaurant home and eat it another day, or split your meal at home and reheat later to save on calories. It keeps food from splattering in your microwave, it stores easily, and is dishwasher safe.

7. Caloric Cuvee: The calorie counting wine glass

wine glass

If you love your wine and don’t want to cut it out completely, consider this handy wine glass with measurement lines on the side. 2 ounces of wine is better than none if you’re on a diet, and it’s helpful to see the measurements so you know exactly how much your diet will allow you to drink. It can be used for other drinks as well to keep your spirits under control.

What do you use to manage your diet? Share your favorite portion control tools with us!

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