Getting in shape is on everyone’s to-do list. Separate yourself from the crowd by committing to fitness with one, simple tool: the push-up bar.

Push Ups: The Ultimate Training Exercise

There is a reason push ups are used by both athletes and military personnel. No other exercise uses your body weight as effectively as this workout. Engaging the chest, arms, triceps, shoulders, back, neck, and core, push ups work most of your body in just one motion.

There are several variations of push-ups. The classic push-up can be altered to provide more resistance by using a single hand or by moving the width of your hands during the exercise. Beginners can start with their knees on the ground, rather than keeping their entire upper body straight during the exercise. There are fitness manuals and web pages devoted to the art of the push-up.

Push-ups strengthen your core, back, chest, and arms using the simplest workout equipment imaginable – your body. They provide the best upper body workout on the market, all for the great price of $0. Many fitness buffs swear by one more affordable addition to their push up routine that makes all the difference: push up bars.

Advantages Of Push Up Bars

push up bar exercises

There are two important push-up bars benefits that improve your workout routine: they increase the difficulty of your workout while simultaneously protecting your wrists.

Regular push ups force the wrists into a state of hyper-extension. This ultimately leads to pain and nerve problems. With a bar, the wrists are kept in a neutral position, stabilized by the forearms. This also means your forearms get more of a workout than with regular push-ups.

Your forearms are not the only muscles that work harder with a push-up bar. The added distance from the ground gives you more room to push up from, deepening your depress and intensifying your workout. Push up bars also boost your workout by offering a wider range of positions. It is easy to widen your stance and safer to perform one armed push ups with the added wrist protection the tool provides.

Choosing A Push Up Bar

The rise in a push-up bar popularity means that there are lots of options out there to choose from. Push up bars come in several styles. Sold in sets, the bars offer a firm grip and distance from the ground. The type of grip and the distance from the ground differs. Some bars are simply small circular cups with handles on top. Traditional bars are made of metal with a foam grip. Some bars rotate, others are attached to wheels for added difficulty, and some are sold as part of a home workout kit.

Read Reviews

The best way to discover which bar is for you is reading customer and industry reviews. Look for reviews written by people with similar fitness experience. Learn what they liked and didn’t like about the product. Choose durable products with positive reviews. Ask if the seller will refund the product if you don’t like it.

Best Push Up Bars

Here are the top three push up bars as ranked by These bars are user and expert reviewed to make your search easier.

best rated push up bar

  1. Definity HHP-002 Push Up Bars: This product earned its number one spot because of its high-quality construction, comfort during use, and non-slip foam. The rubber foot pads provide stability. These popular bars are sold both online and in many brick and mortar stores.
  2. Perfect Push Up Elite: Quality construction brings this bar to the top of the list. The steel ball bearing system rotates smoothly during use, and the durable material supports up to 400 pounds.
  3. Gorilla Fitness Push Up Bar: This bar comes with a one-year guarantee, which isn’t surprising considering its solid steel construction. The bars are non-slip and collapsible for easy storage.

Exercises For Push Up Bars

There are push-up bars exercises for every fitness level. Beginners start outperforming regular push ups to perfect their form and strengthen their muscles. As strength improves, so do the workouts. Here are a few strategies for increasing the difficulty of your routine:

  1. Widen your stance. Adjust the bar so it is wider than normal. This intensifies the workout for your arms and back.
  2. Raise your feet. Raising your feet higher than your head puts more weight on your chest, core and arms. This makes you work harder and builds muscle. Us a chair or exercise blocks to get your feet off of the ground.
  3. Handstand push-ups. A great exercise for building shoulder muscle is the handstand push up. Place your feet as high up on the wall as you feel comfortable, as if you were performing a handstand. Place your hands on the bars and try a few push-ups in this position.
  4. Triceps Dips. Bars make triceps dips easy to work into your routine. Extend your legs in front of you with the bar or handles behind you. Lower and raise your body using your triceps for a killer arm workout.

Push Up Bar Safety

The most important thing to keep in mind during the push-up bar workouts (and every workout) is safety.

Work up to more advanced positions. Rushing into difficult workouts causes injury. Pain is not always gain, fitness buffs. Always keep your core tight during a push up to prevent injury to your back, and be wary about taking your push up too deep. This causes your shoulders to pinch, causing painful nerve damage and compression.

Push up bars are the ultimate home workout equipment for the ultimate body workout. If you want to build chest, arm, core, shoulder, and back muscle, investing in a push-up bar is a great first step.

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