Balego is a company that’s been around since 1984 and that specializes in a vast range of rehabilitation and physical therapy products. It’s no wonder that the company has its set of resistance loop bands. The following review will outline their characteristics and help you figure out if this product is the right one for your workout needs.

Main Characteristics

Balego Exercise Fitness Loop is a product that comes in an array of resistance levels. These follow the standard color-coding, making it easier for users to identify the right loop band that they should use in a workout.

Buyers can choose among the following varieties and resistance levels – extra-light, light resistance, medium, heavy and extra-heavy resistance. As you may have already guessed, the extra-light resistance is suitable for elderly individuals and for the people that are out of shape. The extra-heavy resistance band corresponds to the needs of professionals and people who work out on a regular basis.

The Balego exercise band loops are all 12 inches long when relaxed, the product is free from soluble proteins like latex allergens and there’s no messy powder that some exercisers feel uncomfortable with.

Balego Fitness Loop

Biggest Pros

As already mentioned, Balego is a company that has been on the market for decades and that has a solid reputation. Its rehabilitation and exercise products are characterized by a vast range of pros. The most important advantages of the fitness loop bands include the following:

  • Long-lived: people that have tried the Balego exercise bands confirm the fact that they’re made of quality materials. As a result, the bands are characterized by exceptional longevity.
  • Good for a range of exercises: the resistance bands can be used to do a vast range of exercises. They add resistance, thus can be used instead of weights or dumbbells. At the same time, doing resistance band workouts doesn’t put any strain on the joints or other sensitive areas. The Balego exercise bands can be used for pilates, yoga, aerobic exercises, upper body workouts, lower body workouts and physical therapy, among many others.
  • Very tight: according to people that have bought these products, the Balego workout bands are a bit tighter than what other options on the market have to offer. This is a benefit and somewhat of a shortcoming for the people that can’t deal with a lot of resistance (beginners, individuals recovering from trauma, elderly exercisers, etc.).
  • Affordable: in comparison to some other resistance bands that are currently available on the market, the Balego products happen to be quite affordable. Excellent for anyone who’s in need of an inexpensive gym accessory.


Regardless of the fact that the Balego exercise loop bands have many great features, there are various shortcomings that have to be mentioned. The most important cons include the following:

  • Short in comparison to other resistance bands: the length of this band is 12 inches relaxed. As a result, some people that attempted to do exercises weren’t particularly pleased with the length or the room for adjustment that it enabled.
  • Quality of the elastic: with time, some buyers have seen some loosening of the elastic material. This could be an indicator that the quality isn’t the best one that the market has to offer.
  • Thinner than other bands: the material that these loop bands are made of is somewhat thinner than the other options available on the market – a problem that a couple of buyers run into.
  • Some buyers experienced problems with customer service

Conclusion and Alternatives

This is a rather inexpensive product and as such, it’s probably best for beginners and individuals in need of light to moderate exercise. Anyone who’s serious about doing resistance training, however, should probably examine the alternatives that the market has to offer.

Balego Exercise Fitness Loop

A quality resistance loop bands set should be made of high quality and tough materials. Guarantees provided by the manufacturer stand as evidence of good build and this is one feature that all buyers should be looking for.

Resistance band workouts are effective, as long as the right product is chosen. Balego workout loops have a number of merits but they also fail in terms of several important characteristics. When buying resistance bands, you may want to do a side by side product comparison before deciding which variety is the right one for you.

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