In the world of fitness, getting ideal results is all about hard workouts and eating the best possible meals. The foods you consume will give muscles the building blocks that they need to recover after a tough gym session. Food will also affect your metabolism, regulate hormone levels and potentially speed up the loss of fat.

Portion control is an integral part of becoming a fitness pro. If you’re just getting started with preparing your own healthy meals and doing portion control, you may want to keep the following tips in mind.

Choose Your Plates Carefully

Psychologists have proven a long time ago that large plates make it difficult to do portion control. It’s all about optical illusions and the way in which we perceive meals visually. Even a humongous steak is going to look tiny in a gigantic plate.

To do effective portion control at home, you’ll first need to throw out those large plates. Smaller plates will look bountiful, even if the amount of food in them isn’t that big. You’ll feel satisfied and it’s not going to look like a punishment.

Correct Amount per Container

Save those large dinner plates you love so much for the special family gatherings. For everyday meal consumption, you should buy yourself a set of smaller plates. The very same thing applies to beverages. You need smaller glasses and preferably, get those filled with water rather than with soda (yes, the tip refers to diet sodas, as well).

Be Careful When Eating Out

People that eat out frequently have very little control over their portion sizes. Most restaurants like to give their customers something extra. This extra comes in the form of a larger meal. Even a healthy salad contains calories and their number shouldn’t exceed a reasonable limit.

When in a restaurant, always pay attention to the portion size. The menu should list information about the weight of the meal and the options available. If you have the option to choose between a small, a medium and a large meal, opt for the small one. In a world of supersized meals, you don’t need to go for the biggest option. A smaller portion is going to be equally satiating, especially if you consume the food slowly and you enjoy every single bite that you take.

Use Smart Tools to do Easier Portion Control

A few smart life hacks can make it much easier for you to do effective portion control. One of the simplest and most effective products you can rely on is a portion control container.

A portion control container consists of several individual boxes, each one sized perfectly and simplifying the task of meal preparation. These containers are usually color-coded to make the task of choosing the right one easier.

Make Your Life Easier with Portion Control Containers

Such products are perfect for doing a nutritional regime or taking food to the office. You don’t need to eat out if you could enjoy delicious and healthy homemade food. The color coding gives you a good idea about the size of the meal and the calories found in it.

The portion control containers have lids that seal the food inside and keep it fresh. This is how you can prepare meals for several days in advance and rest assured that the quality and the taste of the food will remain impeccable.

Learn Everything There is to Know about Portion Size

Anyone who’s serious about getting optimal fitness results should become familiar with the science of portion sizes. Most people use their common sense to determine how much they need to consume per meal. These kinds of guesstimates aren’t particularly beneficial for the individuals that are pursuing a highly specific fitness goal.

You need a scale and measuring cups. These will be the perfect supplementary tools to your portion control containers. Focus on means that contain proteins and carbohydrates having a low glycemic index. Learn more about the recommended servings for each group of nutrients and stick to those.

In the very beginning, it will be difficult to count calories, measure carbs and lipids. Once you get used to exact measurements and effective portion control, however, you’ll get to do many of the tasks without needing additional tools.

Finally, remember to prepare delicious meals that you love. Food should be enjoyable. If you’re taking the joy out of eating, no amount of portion control will help you accomplish your goal and be happy about the process.


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