Food prep containers – they make your life easier and they’re particularly beneficial for fitness enthusiasts. The market features all kinds of varieties. Some of the containers are made of plastic. Others are manufactured of durable, heatproof glass. Some food prep containers come with a single compartment, others have a few of those.

What’s a 3-compartment food prep container and do you need one? Keep on reading to find out more about these products and their benefits.

What’s a 3-Compartment Food Prep Container?

The 3-compartment food prep container is great for the creation of balanced meals and for bringing a healthy dish to the office. As the name indicates, this is a single container that comes with three individual compartments. One of these could hold the meal, one could be used for the side dish and one for a sauce or a dressing. This is just one suggestion – a 3-compartment container is truly versatile and it can be used in a number of alternative ways, as well.

Many of the 3-compartment food prep containers are microwave-safe for the easiest preparation or reheating of meals. Most also feature lids that seal the food inside, maintain its freshness and make it easy to bring food to the office or to the gym for a post-workout snack.

The capacity per compartment can vary from one model to another. Some of these products feature one large compartment for the main meal and two smaller ones that are equally sized. Alternatively, a 3-compartment food prep container could have three individual spaces that have different sizes (for a meal, a side dish and a small snack or a dessert).

3-Compartment Food Containers Usage

The Best Ways to Use 3-Compartment Food Prep Containers

A 3-compartment food prep container can be used to do portion control. Depending on the size of each compartment, it can be used to house a particular type of nutrient. This way, a food prep container is practical and it can also be used to do effective weight loss.

Typically, the biggest compartment should be used for the protein or for veggies. The smaller one can be used for carbs and the smallest of the three compartments can house nuts. You may want to check the daily recommendations for different nutrient groups to make sure that the size of the compartments is suitable for the purpose of doing portion control.

A 3-compartment food prep container is also great for making sure that you’re having diversified meals. Most of us will sooner or later settle in a habit and stick to preparing the same meals time and time again. Though such a routine is easy, it may lead to some nutritional deficiencies.

By using a 3-compartment food prep container, you’re getting your protein, your complex cabrs, lipids and veggies. You have to think about meals that are complete and layered. Thus, you’re ensuring proper nutrition and you’re also sticking to meal sizes that are healthy.

How to Buy a 3-Compartment Food Prep Container

Thinking about your health and about convenience will enable you to buy the best food prep containers on the market that feature multiple compartments.

For a start, take a look at the plastic that the container is made of. All containers that come in contact with food and beverages should be manufactured from BPA-free plastic. BPA is an endocrine disruption chemical that contributes to an array of health problems.

3-Compartment Food Prep Containers

Always go for containers with leak-proof lids. Such containers ensure the freshness of the ingredients and they can also be used to take food from one place to another. The most common variety is the snap-on lid but you may find some alternatives on the market.

Finally, look for products that are dishwasher, freezer and microwave-safe. Such containers are usually made of durable plastic that can withstand temperature changes. In addition, this type of plastic simplifies the preparation of the meals. You can even freeze some ingredients in the box, taking it out whenever you have no time for additional meal prep.

The compartment configuration depends entirely on your preferences. You may want to get three compartments in different sizes or a container that features one main compartment and two small ones that are equally-sized. Take a look at the capacity of the containers to determine if they can be used for portion control. Everything else depends on your preferences.


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