Want to gain muscle through weight training?  Weight training provides a stress to the muscles that cause them to adapt and get stronger.  This is similar to how aerobics can make your heart and lungs stronger.  You can do this with free weights or by using weight machines.  You can even use your own body weight or bands as resistance.

There are several weight training programs available to fit your needs – whether you are trying just to tone up, lose weight or build a lot of muscle mass.

Weight Training For Beginners

When you begin your workout program, it’s important to remember not to use too much weight too soon.  Work your way up.  Also, make sure you rest long enough.

After deciding on your program, perform this workout at least two times a week.  Be sure to take a day off between each workout.

We recommend asking a trainer for help putting together the right exercise program for you to meet your needs.  Programs can vary, and you want to make sure you hit your target areas appropriately.

Weight Training For Weight Loss

Everyone thinks of weight training to gain muscle, but did you know you can create a program to help you lose weight?  To lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume.

Muscle contraction is a primary engine of fat loss.  The more muscle mass you have to contract, the more calories and fat you can burn.  The best way to do this is resistance training.  You can even gain more muscle while restricting your calories with enough protein consumption.

arm curls

Weight Training For Women

Strength training is good for all genders.  It helps burn fat, increases bone density and helps tone your body.  There is a misconception that women would produce bulging muscles or seriously hurt themselves while lifting weights. It is hard for women to produce large muscles.  However, they can still improve their muscle tone, strength, and endurance without looking bulky.

As muscles become toned, the body begins to lose fat tissue and becomes firmer.

Be sure to perfect your form, as it is the most important part of weight training. Heavier weights should only be used when you can perform each exercise with perfect form.  It is not a race with men in the weight room.  Use a weight that feels comfortable to you.

Weight Training For Runners

Weight training is a great supplement to a runner’s hard work of running because it strengthens muscles and joints.  Strength training can help improve your body composition by helping you maintain or increase lean body mass.

Multiple studies have shown that regular strength training can improve running by helping the body use more oxygen giving greater speed and muscle endurance.

weight training for women

The stronger you get, the more your body can meet the demands of running.  The repetitive impact of running won’t wear you down as much.  Strength training helps to improve any structural weaknesses in your body, including the muscles, joints or tissue.

Strength training also builds core strength, which is extremely important for running.  It will give you better posture and make you a more efficient runner.

Legs are a runner’s foundation.  You need to strengthen your core to help your legs grow stronger.

Be sure to take breaks from weight training to give your body time to heal.

The Benefits Of Weight Training

Not only can weight training help you reduce body fat, but it can also help you replace muscle mass that naturally weakens with age.  It also helps:

  • Develop strong bones. It increases bone density and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Weight control. Your body will burn calories more efficiently and quickly as you gain muscles.  With more toned muscles, you will find it easier to control your weight.
  • Boost endurance. You won’t fatigue as easily as you get stronger.  You will also have better balance.

Cardio Versus Weight Training

Cardio helps get your heart rate up and gets more oxygen pumping through your body. Your heart and lungs benefit greatly from cardio exercise.

Strength training is any exercise that helps the different muscles of the body become stronger.  It can be done with weights, your own bodyweight or resistance-based.  Strength training is vital to help tone muscles and strengthen bones.

Strength training can actually be more important for fat loss than cardio, which does aid in the fat loss.  Experts recommend focusing on weight training first and then using cardio on recovery days to stretch muscles.

To answer the old question, it is best to do both cardio and weight training to maximize results.

cardio training

Choosing The Right Weight Training Program

To determine the best weight training program for you, it is best to answer these questions first:

  • What is your current fitness level?
  • Do you have any health issues?
  • What are your goals?
  • How much can you afford?

After you answer these questions, you need to dedicate the proper amount of time to your schedule.  Weight training requires at least two days a week.  There is no specific time to these sessions.

If you can afford it, we highly recommend working with a trainer to determine the best weight training workouts for you.

Is Weight Training For Everyone?

With the added benefits of increased muscle strength, increased bone density, increased cardiorespiratory fitness, improved body composition, lowered blood pressure, increased resistance to injury and improved psychosocial well-being.  This can benefit young children to older adults.  It will not stunt a child’s growth – that is an old myth.

Weight training is safe and is very beneficial if done correctly.  Before you begin a program, you should have a medical evaluation by your doctor.  Make sure you have a fun program along with variety to keep your interest.  The most important part of any exercise program is to keep with it!

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