First, it is important to understand what testosterone is. It is described as an androgenic sex hormone which is produced in the testicles (it is also produced in smaller quantity in the female reproductory system as well, i.e., the ovaries), and it is mainly associated with “manhood.”

Testosterone plays a major role in the men’s sexual system. Its role is not limited to sexual activities alone. However, it also assists in the production of red blood cells, hair growth, maintenance of bone density, as well as emotional health among others.

Bone density in humans

Testosterone is associated with men, i.e., it is a male sex hormone, it is, however, surprising that women (with a relatively lower amount of it) are much more sensitive to the effects of this hormone.

The level of testosterone in men is known to decrease as they grow older however, generally. Usually starting at the age of 30, the level drops continuously.

Scientists believe that the primary cause of the decline in the testosterone level due to age is caused by the over activity of a particular enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase that converts testosterone into DHT, i.e., dihydrotestosterone. During this process, a decrease in the level of testosterone will occur in men putting them at a risk for cancer, prostate enlargement, and androgenic alopecia (hair loss).

Apart from age being the primary cause of the decrease in testosterone level, another agent that results in its decline is extensive chemical exposure. This does not have any age limit, and it can happen in young men from their childhood. Recent research has found that statin drugs, as well as the main component of Roundup herbicide, has been found to have an effect on the ability of the testicles to make testosterone.

How is The Testosterone Production Affected by Environmental Toxins?

The increasing amount of chemicals which is being released into the atmosphere on a daily basis cannot be ignored as it has now been interfering with animal and human endocrine systems. It should, however, be noted that these endocrine disrupting chemicals have some quality in “gender bending.

The question of what these endocrine disrupting chemicals are and where they can be found may pop into one’s mind. It is important for you to note that these chemicals are everywhere. They can be found in your house, chemical cleansers, drugs (i.e., contraceptive drugs), and home care products among others. These chemicals also find their ways into food and water which therefore ultimately leads to you ingesting them.

The general effect of the endocrine disrupting chemicals is that it makes men take on more feminine characteristics due to the decrease in the level of testosterone in their body.

The effects of these endocrine disrupting chemicals can be seen in the river where a lot of these chemicals are being deposited through the waterways and through our sewage systems for an extended period which has altered the ecology of male fish. It has been observed that up to about 50% of the total amount of male fishes in the British rivers produce eggs in their testes. It also became known that about 76% of the total fish life has been affected in their reproductive function.

EDC’s Have Effect on Men’s Health as Early as Infancy

In recent years, sexual development has been occurring earlier than they are expected to occur. According to a report published in the Pediatrics journal, it revealed that boys have been experiencing development sexually in about one to two years earlier than what is acceptable medically.

This is due to their exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals. It has even being reported that at the age of nine some boys have already started to develop enlarged testicles and penis, pubic and armpit hair, and facial hair as well. You should, however, note that early puberty is not a thing that you should take with levity.

It has a high effect both physically and psychologically on the health as well as an increased risk of cancer-related to a hormone. There are other issues both emotional and behavioral issues such as:

  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • ​Multiple sex partners and early loss of virginity
  • ​Increased risk of sexually-transmitted diseases
  • Low self-esteem

Women who are pregnant or currently nursing their newborn babies are also at high danger of transferring these chemicals to their unborn child or child as the case may be. Endocrine disruption chemicals exposures often have grievous effects on the male fetuses. They often generally lead to their sons having incomplete testicular descent as well as smaller genitals which in turn lead to poor reproductive health in the long run.

Endocrine disruptive chemicals also pose a huge threat to male fertility, as they cause testicular cancer as well as lower sperm count. All the abnormalities and defects that were mentioned above are known as Testicular Dysgenesis Syndrome (TDS), and they have an effect on the abnormal production of testosterone.

Ways to Limit a Person’s Exposure to Gender-Bending Chemicals

Although it might be a little bit impossible to eliminate one’s contact with endocrine disruption chemicals altogether, however, there are a couple of strategies that have been proven to work that will at the very least limit your exposure to all these gender-bending substances.

The first step to take will be to avoid Teflon cookware. Endocrine disruption chemicals usually leach out from contaminated cookware. You should rather use ceramic ones. You should also avoid can food as much as you can the liner which is often utilized for the can is made from some very potent endocrine-disrupting chemicals known as bisphenols such as Bisphenol S and Bisphenol A.

Say no to teflon cookware

You should do away with products used for cleaning that have a lot of chemicals, dryer sheets, artificial air freshener, shampoos, vinyl curtains, fabric softeners, as well as personal home care products.

You should replace these products with normal, toxin-free substitutes. You should also endeavor to start dieting and switch to natural foods that are planted without any chemical substitutes since a lot of processed foods usually contain gender-bending toxins.

Ways to Improve Aging-Related Testosterone Reduction

As it has been stated above, the level of a man’s testosterone goes to a decrease naturally as his age increases. However, some ways are available to help boost the level of your testosterone.

The Hormone Replacement Method

Once you have a feeling that your testosterone is going limit below, you need to go and have your testosterone level tested. Things that link to a decline in testosterone include the following:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Problem of memories
  • ​Impaired concentration
  • ​Depression
  • A decrease in sex drive

You should know that an ordinary blood test might not be sufficient to know the level of your testosterone because their standard can fluctuate anytime throughout the day. Once it is evident that you truly have a low testosterone level, there are some options which you can consider. There are numerous synthetic testosterone products in the market

Testosterone booster supplements

Reduced testosterone symptoms include decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, depressed mood, memory problems, impaired concentration, irritability, fatigue and poor energy levels.

As earlier stated that testosterone is a type of hormone in male, and the testicles produce it. Dietary supplements can help a man to increase the level of hormones in the body if one has low testosterone levels. These are the primary solution to decrease in the general testosterone level of a man.

Ingredients in Testosterone Booster Supplements

Different testosterone boosters contain different ingredients. Some of these boosters may contain zinc as well as magnesium. These help to increase the level of testosterone in men who perform regular exercises. Some other testosterone supplements contain hormones such as DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) as well as pregnenolone.

These assist in the production of new testosterone and they may also improve the ability to have a proper erection. Although its strength in developing the erection in a man is limited when nerve disorders or diabetes cause the problem associated with the erection.

Herbs and some botanicals are included in some testosterone booster supplements. The level of testosterone in the body may be increased by increasing the hormone which is produced by the brain that signals to the testicles to produce more testosterone.

While others do their work by only releasing bound testosterone so that the body can use it. It has not been proven that these supplements, however, work for women. It is also advisable that you consult your pharmacist or doctor before you use these supplements.

Ensure that they are aware of your medical history and also the current medications that you are currently taking or other supplements that you must have been taking. Your pharmacist or doctor will be able to know if it is right for you to take supplements and the ones that will be best for you.

Finding The Best Testosterone Booster For You

It can be quite a challenge to find the right ones, we compiled a list to help you out.

1. Finding Proven And Tested T-Booster Ingredients

The first step you should take is to skim through the testosterone supplements website, and you should carefully survey all the information that is provided on the site. Is there any list containing the ingredients on the site? Once you notice that the site does not list the ingredients in the supplements, there is no point looking any further since you cannot tell the exact thing that is contained in the supplement.

But if on the other hand, the supplements were listed on the site, then the next line of action will be to check out what exactly the supplements are supposed to do and what effect they might have on you.

Of course, it will take you a lot of time to carefully research the best testosterone booster that we have out there. This is true, because personally, I’ve carried out research on a lot of different testosterone boosters.

A lot of people have a quite busy schedule that they do not have the amount of time required for the necessary research to know what the mixture of the ingredients present in the booster is proven to be capable of.

2. Ensure That it Has The Appropriate Dosages

After the first step described above, the next and most important thing that you should do is to make sure that the dosage levels are sufficient enough and that they are right for the job.

It is quite unfortunate that a couple of nonchalant manufacturers just make claims such as “proven testosterone boosting ingredients,” and although this might be true, what they did not inform you is that the dosage levels are low, such that the elements present do not even matter anymore. As a result of the low dosage all because they want to increase their profit margin.

It is also quite easy for any manufacturer that there is all sort of ingredients in their products. Therefore there is a need for you to make the necessary investigation on each of them. This process might also consume a lot of your time.

You should try to look for a product with a minimum dosage range with:

  • Mucuna Pruriens (150mg – 300mg)
  • Vitamin D (5000 IU)
  • ​Ginseng (100mg – 300mg)
  • ​Vitamin B6 (5mg – 25mg)
  • ​D-Aspartic Acid (1600mg – 2500mg)
  • ​Zinc (30mg – 75mg)
  • Boron (5mg – 10mg)

3. Ensure That it Contains Natural Ingredients

The best supplements that can be available in any supplement are the natural ones and those that contain as few artificial elements and additives as possible.

natural ingridients

According to recent research and studies, it shows that natural substances, vitamins, minerals, as well as other components are the best for increasing the level of testosterone in a man. They claim that ingredients from natural sources tend to blend quite more peacefully with the body which is needed for an increase in the development of the muscles.

Also, natural ingredients tend to reduce the probability of developing any side effect when they are being used.

4. Check For Positive Reviews And Customer Feedback

It is almost sure that when a product delivers what it promised to deliver or even more, its users are bound to come back and give reviews for the product.

Once you can receive negative feedback on a product, then that signifies a red flag, and there is no need conducting further research on such products. The negative reviews are most likely as a result of the failure of the product.

positive feedback

You should, however, be careful when it comes to online reviews on a particular product, as some manufacturers might pay some people some token so as to get them positive review online which will make them look good to any potential buyer.

Given the time required to do the necessary research to select the best testosterone that you can use, we have compiled some of the best testosterone supplements review:

Boost Elite Testosterone Booster

This particular supplement is mostly known for its natural source. It contains NO artificial ingredients and other additives. It has also enjoyed a lot of positive reviews online according to the users of this product. It is known to stimulate luteinizing hormone naturally so as to increase the production of testosterone and also recharge a man’s libido as well as his energy and stamina.

Boost Elite Premium

Furthermore, the manufacturers of this fantastic product gave money back guarantee after 60 days if the user sees no improvement. This is due to the confident that the producers of this product have on the effectiveness of their product.

Sheer ALPHA Testosterone Booster

The main aim of the manufacturer of Sheer ALPHA is to produce a product that not only increases a man’s testosterone levels, but that also increases their natural energy levels and increasing their mental focus as well as libido. This is especially useful for those who are looking forward to keeping fit, so as to give them an edge.

Sheer Alpha

Scientifically, it has been proven that the ingredients that are included in the products give you the desired result. Checking out the list of the ingredients that make up the sheer ALPHA, none of it is a waste as each of them has a function that they carry out in your body.

The manufacturers of this testosterone booster also give you a money back guarantee on their product if you are not satisfied with it. So you have not to use if you try out this booster.

TESTOBOOST Testosterone Booster Supplement

The ingredients that make up this supplement is quite great. Most of its ingredients are natural which means that you have less or no side effects of those artificial additives that are added to most supplements.

TESTOBOOST Testosterone Booster Supplement

With a surprising number of positive online reviews of the product, it is safe to admit that this is a wonder product. Its capabilities have been tested to be of high quality by doctors. This booster is also known to increase one's mental focus and clarity.

Although it is considered safe, it is advisable for you to consult your pharmacist or doctor so as to advise you in case you are on another medication or something else.

Test Worx Testosterone Booster Supplement

This particular supplement is one of the best you can find out there. It is regarded as the number one BEST SELLING Natural Booster in the United States. It has some of potent and biologically active EuryPeptides that you can ever find anywhere in the world today.

Test Worx

The particular product was first found by the first researchers at the University of MIT and that of Malaya. It has been proven severally to increase the level of a man’s testosterone.

The quality of this particular product can be felt in the overall review that was done by the people that have used the product before. It has a huge number of positive reviews both online and offline all around the world, especially within the United States.

There is a guarantee on this product whenever you buy the product, and there is no improvement seen in 4 weeks. This potrays the level of confidence that the manufacturer of test work has in it.

Nutratech Testorex Testosterone And Performance Booster

This particular product operates in a way by which it increases the level of testosterone in the user while reducing the degree of the female hormones estrogen and prolactin to the user.

This testosterone booster contains only natural ingredients which increase the Serum Testosterone levels by about one hundred percent (100%). It makes use of only the highest quality and most advanced clinically researched ingredients which have been severally proven scientifically to work wonders.

Some of the things contained in it include Maca, Macuna Pruriens, Yohimbe Bark, and Horny Goat Weed, all in their purest forms so as to increase the testosterone level while decreasing the estrogen level.

This booster is manufactured in the United States, and just like several other excellent testosterone boosters, it has the money back guarantee on it.

​In Conclusion

You can quickly select from the above choices as they all have excellent qualities that are expected in any good testosterone booster. You will be able to avoid low testosterone supplements and go for supplements to increase testosterone.

So in general, to combat the reduction in the level of your testosterone; whether it is caused by old age or by EDCs (Endocrine disrupting chemicals), it is best to go for natural testosterone supplements. As they are the best testosterone supplements for men that you can get without having to deal with many adverse effects associated with those with artificial additives.

Finally, testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for making a man a “man,” even though they are present in females i.e. the women too. Too low its level can be likened to a man almost transforming him to a woman; therefore it is of great importance to try as much as possible to keep it above the acceptable limit.

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