Your run is what gets you going in the morning, afternoon, or evening. It keeps your blood flowing and ensures you receive the exercise needed to stay fit and healthy. As a runner, you have set paths and routines. Each time you run, there are certain essentials that you want to bring along. A running belt is the most convenient way to store such items.

If you are a runner who uses music to deal with the mundaneness of running, then you need a safe and effective way to carry along your iPhone. If you drive to a wooded area or some other designated spot for your run, you may need to carry along your car keys. Weather and other conditions may require you to carry other accessories. In any case, you will want a belt that will cause the least amount of disturbance. The more experienced you are, the better the pace and rhythm you’ve set for yourself, and the running belt you choose should harmonize seamlessly with your body as you exercise.

Running Belt Reviews

The best runners in the world have identified a number of quality running belts available on the market. Information on each running belt is widely available online. Here, we shall discuss a few of them and highlight their most important attributes.

The Amphipod AirFlow Lite Waistpack

amphipod running belt

This running belt is worn in the small of your back. It holds everything in an inner pouch that is weather proof and an outer pouch that is designed to allow air in so that the contents you store in it can breath. The pack’s tight construction will prevent your keys, sunglasses, or cell phone from jostling while you run. The Amphipod is the perfect running belt for iPhone 6. You don’t want to risk damaging your iPhone. The Amphipod will allow you to store the device in a clean, dry, cool environment.



This running belt’s distinctive design is perfect for those unfussy about how the contents they take with them are stored. The belt is one big pouch. There are no separate pouches or compartments inside. Simply stuff all of your necessaries inside and flip the cover. The belt fits comfortably around your waist, and at three ounces it is so thin you will barely notice it.

Nathan 5K Runner’s Waist Pack

nathans 5k belt

The Nathan 5K pack is a large capacity belt. It is best used by runners who have a lot to carry with them. One of the best things about this pack is that it will not bounce or break the rhythm of your run even if you store large objects in it. You will be able to put your wallet or digital camera in the pack without worrying about being thrown off by their bulkiness or weight.


spibelt review

This is one of the most popular belts on the market. The SPIbelt is very compact but is still able to hold many things. It has a streamlined design that consists of one long pouch, which can be accessed by a zipper. There is elastic material inside the pouch that prevents objects from sliding around.  The pack also has a reflective coating, so it is perfect for those who run at night.

Reflective Vests For Runners, Walkers, and Cyclists

On the topic of running at night, you want to do so with the utmost regard for your safety. You will need to don a reflective vest for running, for it is the best way to ensure that drivers can see you.

As autumn approaches, nightfall will start coming sooner. In some parts of the country, the roads shared by runners and drivers are so dark that it is impossible for one to see the other without lights or reflective gear of some kind. If you run, walk, or cycle at night, it is best that you put on clothing that will make you visible.

Most reflective vests are simple in design and construction, but they can reduce the risk of you becoming involved in an accident as you carry out your exercise regimen. Each of the following reflective vest (and reviews) products is presented for your consideration. Each is also a solid reflective vest for walking.

LightFit Vest

lightfit reflecting vest

This is one of the newest LED-equipped vests on the market. It is designed to fit perfectly around your body so that you will have a full range of motion in your arms and torso. It contains three white super-bright LEDs with settings that can be changed for added safety.  It also has adjustable shoulder straps and is powered by a replaceable watch battery.

Streak Vest

streak vest

The Streak Vest is one of the best-selling reflective vests on the market. It is extremely lightweight and has a sleek design. Its three-hundred and sixty-degree reflectivity optimizes its effectiveness as a safety tool. The vest has an adjustable fit and comes with Velcro closure tabs. It also allows you a full range of motion in your arm swing.

Proviz Reflect 360 Jacket

proviz jacket

This jacket is the perfect reflective vest cycling. It is made up entirely of reflective material. Cyclists move faster than runners. If you are on a bicycle, you will close the distance between you and an un-coming car much quicker than if you are on foot. You should wear reflective gear that will make you noticeable much sooner if you come into contact with a car in the dark. The Proviz will light you up. It will also protect you from rain should you encounter it.

Convenience And Safety While You Exercise

The time that you set aside for running, walking, or cycling is precious. It’s one of the few times of the day that you can focus on yourself as you feel the cool and salubrious air passing through your nostrils. You want to be comfortable and safe as you carry out this regimen. Having the right running belt and a proper reflective vest is the best way to attain both

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