The GM diet has taken the world by a storm. Several factors contribute to its popularity. For a start, it lasts only seven days. It’s based on highly beneficial foods that help for effective weight loss and that also detoxify the body. People who have been on the GM diet report losing at least 10 pounds of fat during this period.

Did you know that the GM diet has another version called the Indian GM diet? There are several major differences between the two diets. Choosing one option or the other depends entirely on your preferences. You’re not going to experience shortcomings or reduced effectiveness by opting for the standard GM diet or the Indian version.

The Basics of the GM Diet Indian Version

The standard GM diet has been adapted from the Indian version to appeal to a wider range of people. In fact, the Indian version is the original diet plan.

The Indian GM diet is created for vegetarians. This is the main reason why the meal plan is so popular in countries like India. To make the diet a bit more accessible, nutritional experts did modify the original Indian meal plan. They added lean protein like chicken and beef to two of the diet days. As a result, a wider array of dieters now finds the meal plan an attractive one.

A few essentials of the Indian GM diet is that it involves the consumption of large quantities of water apart from fruits and veggies. Proper hydration is required to speed up the detoxification process. Water is also the key to speeding up the metabolic response and burning fat faster.

Alcohol intake is prohibited while on the seven-day meal plan. Alcohol is a primary culprit for liquid retention in the body, which you don’t really want while trying to lose weight.

All of the meals in the Indian GM diet are best when prepared at home from fresh ingredients. Don’t worry if you’re not that good of a cook. There are dozens of simple and delicious recipes you can try to execute. These will keep you full, give you a delicious taste to enjoy and help you kickstart your fat loss efforts.

The Seven Days of the Indian GM Diet

Just like the standard GM diet, the Indian meal plan consists of seven days. Specific ingredients can be consumed during each of the days. Adhering to the dietary recommendations is a prerequisite for getting results. Even a minor modification can slow down the fat loss and prevent you from getting the ultimate results.

The first day of the Indian GM diet allows for unlimited fruit consumption. The one fruit you should avoid is bananas. For best results, try fruits that contain a lot of water. Melon, watermelon, grapefruits and pomegranates are all excellent choices. The same applies to apples, limes and oranges.

Veggies can be consumed both cooked and raw during the second day of the Indian GM diet. Once again, you don’t have to restrict the quantities and you can consume potatoes. Just make sure that the veggies you eat aren’t cooked in a ton of butter.

The third day of the diet allows for the consumption of both fruits and veggies.

Bananas and milk are allowed during the fourth day. Try to consume at least three glasses of milk on day four of the Indian GM diet. Up to six bananas can be consumed, as well.

Tomatoes and proteins can be used for the preparation of meals during the fifth day. Cottage cheese and sprouts are two typical options that can be included in day five meal preparation. Legumes are also a great source of protein.

Day six is all about proteins. You can have cottage cheese, legumes, sprouts and other favorite proteins of plant origin. This is the perfect day to enjoy a hearty soup. Remember to drink lots of water!

The final day of the Indian GM diet allows for the consumption of fruit juices, brown rice and vegetables. Chances are that you’ll already feel quite a lot lighter than during the start of the diet. This is your final day and you’ll still be losing some fat during it. Make this final effort count! This is the only day during which you can add fruit juices to the water you’re drinking.

As you can see, the differences between the standard and the Indian GM diets aren’t that many. You will consume different types of proteins but all other ingredients remain the same. If you’d like to give your body a break from meat, the Indian GM diet will be a spectacular option for you.

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