Are you a vegetarian interested in a bit of detox or weight loss? If so, the GM diet will be an ideal solution for you.

The GM diet is predominantly created for detoxification and fat loss purposes. While it does contain some lean meat during a few of the days, the diet is also particularly great for vegetarians. The heart of the GM diet is unlimited consumption of fruits and veggies. Chances are that you’ll feel perfectly comfortable with it.

Still, being prepared and knowing what’s allowed and what’s not under the GM diet will be very important. Let’s take a look at some of the best fruit and veggie options you’ll need to have in your fridge prior to getting started.

The Indian Version of the GM Diet

There’s a specialized GM diet plan for vegetarians. It’s called the Indian GM diet and it excludes chicken, beef and other lean meats that are a typical part of the meal plan.

It’s interesting to point out that the original GM diet was completely vegetarian. This is the main reason why it was such a major hit in India (hence the name). With time, the popularity of the original diet plan increased. A few additional food options were added to make the diet suitable for just about everyone.

Carrying out the GM diet as a vegetarian is 100 percent possible and you’re not going to lose on any of its benefits by excluding the meat (and eventually the dairy that’s included in one of the diet days). In fact, opting solely for fruits and veggies will produce an even more pronounced detoxifying effect. It can also have a positive impact on fat loss and speed up the process.

How to Eliminate Meat and Dairy from the GM Diet?

The GM diet is a seven-day plan. Highly specific foods are allowed during every single day of the plan. Knowing what’s permissible during what day is essential for a bit of preliminary planning. It’s also a good idea to do grocery shopping and meal preparation in advance.

You’re not going to experience problems as a vegetarian during the first few days of the GM diet.

The first day of the GM diet allows the consumption of all kinds of fruits apart from bananas. As a vegetarian, you’ll probably feel in heaven. Melon, watermelon and other fruits that have a high water content should be your top picks.

The second day is dedicated to both raw and cooked veggies. Obviously, you can enjoy a wide array of meals during this day. The second day of the GM diet allows for the consumption of potatoes, which means that you’re not stuck solely to high fiber and low calorie options.

All combinations of fruits and vegetables (apart from bananas and potatoes) are allowed during the third day of the GM diet.

Bananas and milk are the options of preference for the fourth day of the GM diet. If you don’t feel comfortable with milk or you’re a vegan, you can substitute the beverage with almond or soy milk.

Day five is the one that poses a problem to vegans. It involves consuming a lean protein like beef and tomatoes. Luckily, substitutions are possible. The beef can be substituted with rice or legumes. Both white and brown rice are permissible. Obviously, brown rice is the healthier option because it is a wholegrain and it has a lower glycemic index than its white counterpart.

Moving on to day six, vegetables and brown rice are the ingredients that you can use for the preparation of meals.

The final day of the GM diet involves consuming fruits and vegetables. You can also have a cup of brown rice, in case fruits and veggies aren’t sufficient to keep you full.

Once you’re done with the diet, you should feel lighter. In addition, you would have provided your body with a chance to reboot itself. The digestive system and the eliminatory organs would have gotten a relief from the typical burden that they’re subjected to. Thus, you’ll be several pounds lighter and you’ll also have a lot more energy.

As you can see, the GM diet is ideal for vegans and vegetarians. There are dozens of online recipes that adapt the standard plan to the needs of individuals who don’t consume meat or animal products. You’ll simply have to familiarize yourself with the meal plan and avoid the restricted options. That’s it! Good luck and enjoy the results of the GM diet.

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