Even the healthiest of foods can become fattening in large quantities. This is the main reason why individuals looking forward to weight loss or muscle gain should learn about effective portion control.

Today, it’s easier to do portion control than ever before. You have high quality containers, utensils and scales that simplify the task. If you’re planning to start doing effective portion control in 2016, you may want to consider the following tips – they’ll increase your chances of success significantly.

Buy a Scale

Quite often, you’re putting a lot more on your plate than you think you are. When you begin measuring food, chances are that you’ll find yourself shocked by the quantities that you are consuming.

It’s a good idea to acquaint yourself with recommended serving sizes and stick to those. Most of your food packages contain similar information, as well. Until you get used to filling your plate just enough, the scale is going to be your best friend/

The same applies to measuring spoons. These can be particularly beneficial when you’re cooking meals.

Use a Portion Control System

Plates come in all shapes and sizes. The fact that you haven’t filled your large plate to the brim doesn’t mean you’re not overeating. Luckily, in 2016 you can do a bit of smart portion control through the use of tools like a portion control system.

If you do a bit of research, you’ll find various different kinds of portion control systems on the market. Regardless of the differences, these basic tools rely on the very same principle to give you results.

meal measure

A portion control system usually has containers that represent optimal portions for different types of foods. You can use the respective container to measure out the exact amount before putting it on your plate. The sections are perfect for measuring the most common types of nutrients like proteins, starches, veggies and fruits. You’ll be surprised by what the healthiest amount of each looks. Chances are that it’s a lot less than what you were putting on your plate previously.

Portion Control Containers will Make Your Life Easier

The portion control container is another incredibly basic and incredibly effective kitchen tool that will help you become fit in 2014.

As the name suggests, this system consists of different containers. They have a specific volume and a color-coded lid. The color-coded lid represents a specific nutrient group and the container features an optimal portion of that respective food. You’ll get containers for proteins, healthy fats, fruits, carbs, vegetables, seeds and dressings.

Make Your Life Easier with Portion Control Containers

If you don’t feel like using a scale all of the time, portion control containers will be much needed. They’re ideal for bringing food to the office and storing cooked meals in the fridge. The lead seals the plastic container, maintaining the freshness and the flavor of the food inside.

A Few Other Gadgets to Consider Buying

There are several smart tools that will simplify the process of portion control in 2016.

A cake pan that features individual smaller slices is perfect for the preparation of sweets and the consumption of smaller amounts of those. Such pans are usually comprised of individual cake slices and you will have no options for cheating (especially if your family is keeping a count of the slices).

Tools for portion control

Portion control pasta baskets are also great. Replacing the traditional pasta with the whole grain variety is a wonderful first step. All that you have to do right now is decrease the amount you’re eating and voila – you’re on the track to portion control success.

Up the Intake of Healthy “Fillers”

Using tools and gadgets is great for effective portion control and exact measurements but how about the cravings in the very beginning? If you’re cutting those large portions in half, chances are that you’ll be less than satisfied by the meals you’ll be consuming.

One of the easiest things you can do is drink a glass or two of water before eating food. The water will help you feel fuller faster. Get in the habit of drinking larger quantities of water throughout the day. This way, you’ll find yourself being satiated by smaller meals.

In addition, you should consider increasing the intake of healthy fillers and decreasing the quantities of unhealthy foods like fried items, for example. Healthy fillers can come in the form of spinach, steamed broccoli, green salad or collard greens. All of these foods contain large quantities of insoluble fiber. They will give you satisfaction, even if the meal is smaller. The fiber that they contain is essential for digestive health and for cardiovascular health at the same time.


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