What’s the best way to lose weight in 2016? Let us help you – the answer isn’t restriction or the newest fad diet. To lose weight in the year to come, you should focus on two basic concepts – meal prep at home and portion control.

Many people find it incredibly easy to lose weight, once they switch from processed garbage to homemade meals. The transition, however, isn’t very simple. Busy individuals believe that meal prep requires a lot of time, time that they simply don’t have. This is where food prep containers come in. Get your set right now and try the following weight loss tips that are certain to give you results.

Choose the Right Recipes

Making food at home isn’t going to help you lose a lot of weight if you’re still consuming large quantities of fried, sugary and oily meals. Choose the right recipes that contain the perfect balance of ingredients.

Internet makes the task of picking the right recipes a lot easier. Don’t go for severe limitations and restrictions. Remember that your body needs proteins, complex carbs and beneficial lipids to function properly. Limiting any of these nutrients may lead to an imbalance that’s going to affect your health adversely.

right meal recipes

The key to losing weight is portion control and this is where food prep containers come in. These make it easier for you to determine the optimal quantities you should be consuming without overeating.

Prepare Several Meals at the Same Time

This is the best tip for busy individuals. If you work hard and you have a hectic schedule during the week, you may want to dedicate a couple of hours during the weekend to the preparation of several meals that you’ll eat in the days to come.

There are many meals you can prep in the microwave, especially if you choose microwave-safe food prep containers. All you’ll have to do on Sunday is chop up the ingredients and season them. The lids that food prep containers come equipped with will maintain the freshness of the ingredients.

meal prep meals

It’s easy to see how you can prepare five, six or even more meals in this simple way. All that you have to do is go through a bit of recipe research to find the meals you’re going to enjoy the most and the ones that will benefit your health/weight loss efforts.

Portion Control Becomes a Whole Lot Simpler

What does it take to lose weight? Moderate exercise and portion control will be sufficient to give you the results you’ve long been hoping for. By making meals at home, you’ll also get to control all of the nutrients that your meals contain. You’ll eliminate the unhealthy and fattening ingredients while still enjoying diversified and delicious meals.

Portion control containers make it a lot easier for you to consume the right amounts of nutrients without having to measure everything or do complicated calorie calculations. Portion control containers usually come in sets – each one dedicated to a specific nutrient group. You get a container for proteins, carbs, fruits, veggies, healthy fats, dressings, nuts and seeds. By using such containers, you get a better idea about the optimal quantities to consume. When you get in the habit of making food with such containers, you’ll understand just how misguided your views on portions were in the past.

The best aspect of portion control containers is that they come with leak-proof lids, thus you can bring homemade meals to the office. There’s no need to turn to fast food for a quick snack in the middle of the busy day.

Correct Amount per Container

Change up Your Food

Once you get in the habit of prepping your own meals, you’ll be surprised by the tremendous diversity. Change up your meals on a weekly basis to give your body access to all of the important nutrients and to satisfy your palate at the same time.

It’s best if you get in the habit of rotating meals every five to seven days. Turkey is great for one meal, choose salmon for the next and switch to a meat-free meal after that. This way, you’ll enjoy an array of proteins, minerals, vitamins and trace elements that play a crucial role in health.

Avoid diets that suggest sticking to the same meal over and over again. You’ll get tired of such meals quickly and needless to say – they’re quite ineffective when it comes to weight loss.

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