The best possible workout requires some supplementation. You can never get the same results without taking the right pre and post-workout products. A good protein supplement is one of the essentials because it provides muscles with the fuel that they need to grow.

Muscle Pharm Protein is a high quality product that has gained a lot of popularity lately. With a big number of positive customer reviews, it definitely sparks the curiosity of the potential buyers. So, what exactly is it and should you give the supplement a try? Keep on reading to find out.

Product Overview

Muscle Pharm’s Combat Protein Powder features five proteins for the best possible workout results. It comes with a standard serving size of 24 grams of protein. The proteins included in the formula are whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, micellar casein and egg white albumen.

Muscle Pharm’s Combat Protein Powder

The formula is also enriched with glutamine and added dietary fiber.

Because of the multiple protein varieties that the matrix is based on, the supplement can be considered a time-release protein. It starts working within minutes of consumption and it will feed the muscles for up to eight hours after a workout.

Muscle Pharm protein is available in several sizes – from two to 10 pound jars. There are also several delicious flavors to pick among – banana cream, chocolate milk, chocolate peanut butter, cinnamon bun, cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, orange cream, peach swirl, snickerdoodle, triple berry and vanilla.

A single serving consists of one scoop and on top of providing 24 grams of protein, the supplement will also supply the body with 140mg of sodium, 200mg of potassium, one gram of dietary fiber, calcium and iron.

Biggest Advantages

Muscle Pharm is a company that has a good reputation and it has formulated a range of great supplements over the years. This protein powder is no exception. Some of the biggest benefits of giving Muscle Pharm Combat Protein Powder a try include:

Muscle Pharm Protein Advantages

  • Quality protein blend: the first and the most important benefit of opting for this supplement is that it contains a high quality protein blend. The five different types of proteins are released at a specific rate, which leads to long-lasting results for hours after the completion of a workout.
  • Low in calories and carbs: while Muscle Pharm protein is very high in important amino acids, it contains a small number of calories per serving and a very small amount of carbs.
  • Minimum fat: the amount of fat found in the supplement is also minimal, which is typical for Muscle Pharm proteins.
  • Delicious taste: there are several great tastes to choose among and according to buyers, all of them are delicious. Though far from the most important benefit, the taste of a supplement can be a nice added bonus.
  • Produces long-term satiety: bodybuilders that use Muscle Pharm protein report that it keeps them satiated for a long period of time. As a result, taking the supplement reduces the need for snacking between major meals.
  • Added glumatime: the glutamine added in the formula contributes to faster muscle recovery after an intense workout session.

A Few Shortcomings

Most of the Muscle Pharm Protein reviews are positive. People that rely on the supplement report that it does precisely what the company promises. Still, a few shortcomings have to be kept in mind:

Muscle Pharm Protein Powder

  • Doesn’t mix easily: unless the supplement is mixed in a blender, there will be some powdery chunks left unmixed. This could be a problem for the individuals that don’t possess such an appliance.
  • Some people experienced bloating: a few of the individuals that bought and reviewed Muscle Pharm’s protein experienced digestive problems as a result of taking it. A few of them experienced issues like flatulence and bloating.

Final Verdict

Muscle Pharm’s workout supplement is a high quality product that speeds up recovery and helps for faster muscle growth. The combination of five proteins is very nice and it definitely boosts the effectiveness of the supplement.

MP Combat Protein Cons

This protein has another unique characteristic – delicious taste and numerous flavors to choose among. No matter what your favorite treat is, you’ll find at least one protein supplement flavor to enjoy.

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