Recovering from a sports injury takes time, patience, and perseverance. If you work as a physical therapist or are involved in that world, it is important to counsel the athletes in your charge in a way that soothes their frustrations. They will be eager to return to get back to a state in which they are able to perform at their best. You must ensure that they do not hurry through the recovery.

It is, however, vital to use the right sports injury aids to move things along. Such aids come in many forms. But the test of whether or not the recovery aid you’re considering is worth purchasing lies in its meeting three criteria:

  • The quality of the product
  • It’s relevance to the injury
  • Its proven effectiveness

Getting The Right Sports Injury Aids

Most sports injuries consist of minor muscle strains or small fractures to the bone. Experts on sports injury aids differ on the relative effectiveness of each rehabilitation tool. You can, however, consult a number of the top sites for advice as well as your own experience in dealing with such matters. In any case, the three most common aids used to treat sports injury are physical therapy bands, ankle/elbow/knee braces, and sports tape.

Physical Therapy Bands: The First Step To Improvement

Physical therapy bands are a commonly used tool for rehabilitation of muscle and joint injuries. Such bands are the resistive exercise bands approved by the American Physical Therapy Association. Some high-quality therapy bands have become popular in the market.

TheraBand CLX Consecutive Loops


This latex free brand offers versatility and ease of use. You will be able to increase the rigor of the exercise regimen as your patient improves. The band comes with multiple grip options that will allow you to vary the kinds of activities that you have your patients do. It is also possible to order one package each for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises.

RockBrandRx Resistance Bands


These bands are designed for those athletes experiencing movement problems. You can use them to improve performance through resistance training and mobility exercises. Five levels of resistant are available.

Provide The Right Support With Ankle/Elbow/Knee Braces

It may take quite a long time before your patient’s ankle, elbow, or knee fully recovers. Though he may be in a generally fit condition to resume playing, it may be best for him to wear a brace on the affected spot over the short term. Such braces should be viewed as part of the rehabilitation process because they provide stability and support following an injury. Here are some of the most popular braces on the market.

McDavid 5115 Elastic Ankle Support


This ankle support device consists of elastic material that has a 4-way stretch. The design ensures an excellent fit for compression, and the material retains little heat, which makes it perfect for those involved in playing sports.

Mueller Adjustable Elbow Support


Most elbow braces are designed to address the kinds of injuries sustained in specific sports. The Mueller is superior general purpose elbow support device. It has a convenient slip-on design, which makes it easy to don with just one hand. It also contains technology that allows your elbow to breath and provides the kind of padding that makes having it on comfortable.

Donjoy Sports Hinged Knee Brace


This is one of the premier knee braces on the market. It has a low profile design and hinged aluminum stays. The Donjoy knee brace was specifically designed to be used by athletes while they are playing. The stays prevent the knee from twisting and give support and protection to weak ligaments.

Making Your Moves With Sports Tape

Sports tape is designed to stretch with and support your muscles as you move them. It is an excellent tool to use for rehabilitation because it helps the athlete feel what part of his body the injury is affecting.

Ace Brand Sports Tape

ace tape

This is one of the most popular brands on the market. It supports joints and helps to prevent injury during athletic competitions. It consists of a poly-cotton adhesive that is easy to apply.

Cramer 750 Athletic Tape

cramer tape

The Cramer tape is a great value for your money. Its computer-calibrated design gives a consistency to the performance of each role. It uses a latex-free adhesive and consists of high-quality zinc oxide cotton. The tape is strong and feels comfortable when worn.

Caring For Sports Injuries: Your Tool Box Is Full

Physical therapy for sports injuries has taken its place among the most advanced of applied sciences. Although using the right methods and techniques is an important part of nursing patients back to health, it is also vital to obtain the right sports injury aids.

Anyone who has ever suffered from a pulled hamstring, a torn ligament, or a hairline fracture knows the pain and discomfort it can cause. Your job as a physical therapist is to seek the right solutions for both managing the pain and getting the athlete back to full strength.

Doing so typically requires using a combination of tools and techniques. Fortunately, you have more than enough braces, tapes, and exercise bands at your disposal. As the health of your patient is all important, you should keep only the best, the most high-quality devices and support on hand. Even the simplest item if it has the right design and is made of the right material can go a long way towards helping your patient heal.

As a physical therapist specializing in sports injuries, keeping the person in your charge healthy, active, and fit is your overriding concern. You will have to bring all of your experience to bear on delivering the kinds of solutions that will make such a goal a reality. You will also need to purchase the right recovery aids from the market. For these too will advance your patient’s progress back to full health.

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