Portion control is the biggest essential for weight loss and maintaining a lean body. No matter how hard you work out, the fat isn’t coming off if you consume humongous portions. The good news is that reducing the amount of food that you eat on a daily basis can be relatively simple. Food prep containers are ideal for the purpose.

Food prep containers make it incredibly easy to plan the daily meals and snacks. They’re perfect for bringing to the office and even to the gym for a quick pre-workout bite. To experience the majority of benefits, however, you’ll have to choose the best meal prep containers. These have a few characteristics that set them apart from other kits.

Dishwasher and Microwave-Safe

The best portion control and meal prep containers on the market offer convenience. They’re typically required by busy individuals that want to make their daily meals quickly, reheat the food upon necessity and clean the containers effortlessly.

Flex Active Portion Control Containers

This is the main reason why the best meal prep containers are made of dishwasher and microwave-safe plastic. Both the container itself and the lead can be cleaned in the microwave, which means that they’ll be ready for next day’s meals. When shopping for such products, make sure that they correspond to these two requirements.

The Flex Active portion control containers are both microwave and dishwasher-safe. In addition, they’re made of high quality plastic that can also withstand freezing.

Size and Number of the Containers

The premise of using food prep containers is very simple. Each one of the containers is sized to contain the optimal amount of a specific nutrient type. Usually, the best products are color-coded, making it easy to differentiate between one box and the other.

Color-coded containers are usually available for proteins (usually the biggest container), fruits, vegetables, carbs (a relatively smaller box), healthy fats, seeds and dressings. The product mentioned in the example above corresponds to these requirements.

Dozen Meal Prep Containers

Through the use of such containers, you’ll no longer need to use the kitchen scales to make sure you’re not overeating. Just put enough of the respective food in each of the container – this is everything that you need to consume during the respective day. The simple system ensures optimal nutrition and easy calorie control.

A Few Other Important Characteristics to Keep in Mind

The best meal prep containers need to correspond to a range of other important requirements.

For a start, make sure that the plastic is safe. BPA-free plastic is the standard when it comes to containers that will be holding food. BPA or bisphenol is an industrial chemical that’s found in a range of plastic products, as well as epoxy resins.

Some of the polycarbonate plastics containing BPA are used to create food and beverage storage containers. The most troublesome part is that BPA can be leaked in foods and beverages, research suggests. The toxicity of BPA has been scientifically-proven and research even suggests it may interfere with the proper development of fetuses and children.

The quality of the lid is equally important. A good lid will seal the portion control container tightly. It will reduce the likelihood of experiencing leaks or spills. If you’re commuting and you have food containers in your bag, the quality of the lid is of paramount importance.

Meal Prep Containers

Finally, make sure you’re getting durability and longevity. Usually, investing in a slightly more expensive product makes a lot of sense. If it’s made of a quality plastic material, this container will remain in a good condition for a longer period of time. In the end, you’ll be getting better value for your money.

The best meal prep containers will make your life easier but remember that you have to be consistent with their use. Making food at home every single day isn’t that difficult – you can prepare foods for a few days in advance and simply distribute it in the containers before leaving your home.

If you’re consistent in the use of such products and you rely on the containers every single day, you’ll soon find yourself shedding those extra pounds. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be eating healthier, more delicious and nutritional homemade meals!

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