Treadmills are essential pieces of fitness equipment but many people worry about their big size and whether such machines are good for a home gym. We have news for you – compact treadmills do exist. Many are surprised to find out that a compact treadmill offers the same great features that its bigger counterparts come with.

So, which compact treadmill should you give any thought to? The following list will acquaint you with some of the best products in the field.

Nordic Track Commercial 1750

Don’t be fooled by its name – Nordic Track Commercial 1750 is small enough to fit in a home gym. Capable of supporting weight of up to 300 pounds and measuring 82 by 36 by 60 inches, Nordic Track Commercial 1750 is a truly compact treadmill.

Nordic Track Commercial 1750

This machine is one of the top picks for many people because it features a speed range from zero to 12 miles per hour, incline of -3 to 15 percent, a 22 by 60-inch deck, runner’s flex cushioning belt and 40 workout programs to choose among.

A few other very cool characteristics include a full-color screen that tracks all of the essential metrics, foldable design, CardioGrip heart rate monitor with wireless connectivity, an iPod deck, tablet holder and built-in workout apps. The build-in speakers make it possible to listen to music without using headphones.

Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill

Measuring solely 62 by 26.8 by 18 inches, the Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill ranks among the most compact machines on the market. It’s also relatively lightweight with its 119 pounds. If you’re looking for a relatively affordable product that still features all of the essentials (and a few extras), this one will be perfect for you.

Folding Treadmill

Sunny Health and Fitness Treamill has a 2.2-horsepower motor and a speed in the range from zero to 10 miles per hour. The incline is adjusted manually and there are three positions to choose among (with a maximum include of 12 degrees). Handrail controls are used to easily make speed and increment adjustments.

The foldable design features a soft drop system that simplifies folding and opening the treadmill.

This treadmill features nine workout programs, an LCD display that provides information about the most important metrics, a tablet holder, cushioned handlebars and hand pulse sensors.

ProForm PRO 2000

The third entry competing for the title of the best compact treadmill comes from ProForm. ProForm PRO 2000 measures 72 by 34 by 57 inches. It’s a bit more expensive than the other entries in the list because of several premium characteristics. If you’re looking for truly sophisticated, gym-quality equipment, you may want to give some thought to the purchase of this machine.

ProForm PRO 2000

It has a powerful 3.5-continuous horsepower (CHP) motor and a speed in the range of zero to 12 miles per hour. The incline varies in the range from -3 to 15 percent. ProShox cushioning of the 22 by 60-inch belt protects the knees and the joints.

The treadmill is durable enough to support user weight of up to 350 pounds. It folds easily for compact storage whenever the machine isn’t being used.

A few other characteristics worth mentioning include a dual-grip EKG monitor, backlit display that provides information about the most important metrics, an accessory tray, iFit compatibility, 32 workout programs to choose among, iPod compatibility, built-in speakers, a tablet shelf and a workout fan that has two speeds.

Horizon T9 Elite Treadmill

This is the most expensive entry in the list but it’s certainly worth consider because of the spectacular price to quality ratio. Horizon T9 Elite is a foldable treadmill that measures 77 by 36 by 60 inches when assembled and 44 by 36 by 69 inches when folded.

Horizon T9 Elite Treadmill

The treadmill features a 2.75 CHP motor and a speed of operation in the zero to 12 miles per hour range. The incline varies from zero to 15 percent. There’s a 20 by 60 inch deck and a belt that comes with three-zone variable response cushioning for the ultimate joint protection.

Horizon T9 Elite is sturdy enough to support user weight of up to 350 pounds.

There are 44 workout programs to choose among. A few other cool features that the treadmill brings to the table include contact grips, a chest strap for heart rate monitoring, a 10-inch touchscreen, ViaFit tracking and data syncing, an energy saver mode, built-in speakers, integrated hard wax in the belt that eliminates the need for lubrication and a lifetime frame/motor warranty.

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