Living a healthy lifestyle is important. People’s lives are busy. They run around from place to place, job to job and find themselves often with no time to implement a proper work out regimen into their daily routine. The unfortunate problem with this reality is they need to build their stamina and energy levels to get through all the running around them.

The only way to do that is to exercise.

There have been many workout fads through the years. Jazzercise, Jack O Lane, Richard Simmons, Pilates, and Ballet Barre have all had their day in the sun. Some of them are still popular today. Along with the few that have weathered the storm, there are a few new kids in town, and they are taking the workout world to another level.

P90X and P90X3

P90X and P90X3 are the brain children of Tony Horton. P90X was created based on the concept of Muscle Confusion. This home based workout program uses a combination of Pilates, weight training, resistance, yoga, ab work, cardio, martial arts, and plyometrics, which is jump training. Plyometrics is a combination of exercises where the muscles work to their maximum force in small intervals while gradually increasing the speed and strength.

What Is P90X?

p90x program

The videos are a series of 12 workouts with high intensity to help build your muscles faster, make your body leaner, and make you stronger within a 90-day span of time. Included in the deal are a nutritional plan, calendar of workouts, and a fitness guide.

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P90X promises to increase your metabolism function and develop and make your muscles lean. The workout guide provides you with step by step instructions on how to do the program to ensure your home workouts are optimum and safe. The nutrition plan will teach you how to eat healthier through carefully chosen recipes and a daily schedule of meals because nutrition is just as important as your workout.

P90X is a fast pace, intense workout program developed for the person who does not have time to go to the gym and would rather do their workout in the privacy of their home. The workout is intense to give you the best results in the shortest amount of time. It is geared towards sculpting your body into a healthy work of art.

What Is P90X3?

P90X3 is the new and improved workout developed by Tony Horton.

Tony realized one of the obstacles people had that kept them from working out was time. People just simply do not have time to workout. They do not have time to go to the gym and spend hours waiting for the next workout machine to make an effort to tone their bodies and lose the dreaded weight they have been fighting to get rid of. This was the catalyst to the development of P90X3.

P90X3 is an intense workout meant to be performed for 30 minutes a day at home. No need to spend gas to drive to the gym or pay a monthly membership fee. You no longer can use time as an excuse.

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Everyone can squeeze 30 minutes into their day to day workout. The multiple hour workouts are no longer required.

This workout is based on the same principles as P90X with a twist. This workout is more intense, more concentrated, and faster paced. There is no time to breathe during a P90X3 workout. You will still notice results within the first 90 days. However, you will also notice you achieved it in a shorter amount of time per day.

p90x3 before and after results

Tony Horton did a little research and learned that if you constantly change up your workout, your body does not have time to plateau. The constant changing of the routine provides your body with continuous development. Research shows the first 30 minutes of a workout are the most productive. You will gain the most out of the first 30 minutes than any other time after following. Your body begins to work less as your workout continues.

Workouts that do not develop constant change causes the body to get used to the routine and work less than it would with constant change. It is like stretching a muscle, the more you push into the stretch, the more flexibility you will gain the more burn you will feel. Taking the same concept of stretch and stretching to a certain point and holding that position will only cause the muscle to release itself. Flexibility is only developed through a constant push on the muscle past its current flexibility level; conversely, building muscles require a constant switch off of usage.

P90X3 provides the switch off your muscles need to develop without getting used to the routine. This workout works through three different systems:

Classic: This system concentrates on making you strong and ripped
Lean: This system concentrates on making your body lean instead of bulky
Mass: This system will increase your muscle mass

Tony promises to keep you moving, developing, and learning. You can easily start this program without any prior workout experience. You will grow stronger and build your stamina. The workouts will always be strenuous. However, you will be able to get through them better in time.

The most important aspect of this workout is the variety. You will enjoy different workout styles from this program just as you did in P90X. You will do Pilates one day and another you will perform, yoga, plyometrics, mixed martial arts, mobility, and agility. This system will accelerate your muscle growth, keep you engaged and motivated. It is not an easy workout to get through, but the best workouts are usually the ones everyone struggles with in the beginning.

Each P90X system seems to be geared towards a younger crowd though the 30 and 40 somethings also partake in the fun. This is not a program for anyone who has issues moving quickly. You must be agile and able to move from exercise to exercise.

21 Day Fix

21 day fix workout

21 Day Fix is a 30 minute a day workout geared towards losing weight and sculpting your body in a more relaxed style. It is called the 21 Day Fix because it promises you will see results in a mere 21 days. It is simple enough for anyone to use.

The best way to lose weight is to combine good nutrition with exercise. It is a lifestyle change that becomes a lifestyle routine that helps keep the weight off. The 21 Day Fix combines the two in a simple, doable manner. It allows you to eat as you normally would with a small caveat. The system comes with strategically developed containers to help you measure out portion control. They have taken all the guess work out of the situation.

Each container is created to give you a simple tool to place the proper portion of food on your plate, so you do not overeat. The containers are different sizes to provide you with a convenient way of measuring your portions. Now you can eat what you want in moderation.

The containers are color coordinated with matching tops to help you learn the proper portions to eat. Each color represents a specific food, group. The followings are the colors and food groups used in each container:

Red: Proteins
Green: Veggies
Yellow: Carbs
Orange: Seeds and Dressings
Blue: Healthy fats
Shakeology Shaker Cup: Drinks

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What Is the 21 Day Fix?

The 21 Day Fix workout is a calorie burning based workout. Each workout is meant to challenge you at the level you are at while building your body to undergo more challenging workouts in the future. You can start at your current level and use the level modifier to push yourself harder or slow down the pace. It is all up to you and your needs.

21 day fix containers

The program has six levels:

  1. The Complete Body Cardio Fix
  2. Upper Body Fix
  3. Lower Body Fix
  4. Cardio Fix
  5. Yoga Fix
  6. 21 Day Fix

The complete body cardio fix is designed to speed up your metabolism and keep it running far after you have completed your workout. It is also designed to build up your heart rate. The upper body fix is a resistance training workout. You will learn to shape your body. You will enjoy the results of your well shaped back, chest, arms, shoulders, and abs.

The lower body fix will put you in the position to develop a stronger core and stretch out your muscles, and grow firmer thighs and hips. The cardio fix is a workout to jump start your heart rate and get it moving while helping you burn off the weight you desire to lose. The yoga fix will develop your flexibility, balance, and give your muscles a chance to relax.

21 Day Fix is the type of workout plan anyone can dedicate themselves to without any concern of it being too intense for them. You will receive a quick workout you can start right away through four workouts for a fat-burning and more sculpted physique.


insanity workout program

Let the name of this workout speak for itself. It is named Insanity for a reason. This high energy, high intensifying, high impact, the non-stop workout will have you sweating and gasping for air. It is undoubtedly one of the hardest workouts on the market. You push your body to the limit with the workout and then when you think you pushed it as far as it can go, you push it some more.

The bright side to all this insane working out like a motor is you see significant results, according to the program within 60 days. Two months of hardcore working out and a nice slimmer, trimmer body in 60 days is something to consider. Insanity promises to make you trim, fit, and sculpted to the most desirable you. This is really why everyone works themselves to the bone working out like little machines until their arms and legs can no longer move.

How Does It Work?

Insanity is a workout based on the interval training system. Interval training is a workout system where you begin your workout at a moderate pace for a significant amount of time then you switch gears and move into high intensity for a shorter amount of time then switch back to the moderate intensity. You basically work out at a nice pace, then speed along for a bit to shock your body and then take the intensity down a notch and catch your breath.

Insanity takes the interval training concept and turns it on its head. This high impact workout does just the opposite to keep you moving, grooving, and screaming for a break. Insanity uses a max interval training system. This system starts at a high intensity rate and pushes you along non-stop for three to five minutes for an intense workout then you move to a less intense pace long enough to catch your breath and speed up the intensity once again. This way of working out keeps your body working at its maximum capacity.

The draw and benefit to this workout is you receive a full body workout. There are no weights or other workout apparatus to contend with. All you need with this workout is your body, motivation, endurance, determination, perseverance, and the workout videos.

This workout requires you to use your body in different combinations of ways to build every muscle to its full capacity. Shaun T, the creator of this workout, takes common, everyday workouts and combines them together to create a systematic way to engage every inch of your body all at once. Push up jumping jacks, a combination of doing a push-up and a jumping jack all at once, is a prime example of what seems to be a simple combination of exercises that will kick your behind in gear and burn off the fat you have been striving to get rid of.

insanity before and after

The System

The workout system is nine videos with nine full-body workouts broken into two phases. Each phase is formulated to either burn calories or shred the fat off the body. Phase one is a system to get your body in the most optimum shape. It is a five max interval workout that includes:

• Plyometrics
• Body resistance for the upper body
• Cardio – an intense cardio workout
• Cardio Abs
• Recovery – a warm down session

Phase two is a more intense workout series with longer intense intervals and fewer break intervals. This series will keep your heart pumping and the fat burning. This is a four max interval series consisting of:

• Max Interval Circuit: This is considered to be the hardest interval workout up to this point
• Max Interval Plyo: This is an extreme leg workout
• Max Cardio Conditioning: This is a high-impact cardio workout that will push you to the limits of your abilities
• Max Recovery: This is a strength builder

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Insanity is a full body workout for those who still possess agility in their bodies. This is not a workout for the injured or the frail. This workout uses your weight and abilities to help you make a new, stronger, more sculpted you. The video series like most workout systems is only a portion of the system. You will also have the luxury of acquiring a calendar that lays out your workout plan for you, a nutrition plan to teach you how to eat to help stay in shape, and a quick start guide. This is a system you can jump start your workout in immediately.

Insanity Asylum

insanity asylum workout

Shaun T has come back with a new and improved workout in Insanity Asylum. This workout is the Insanity workout on steroids. You will use your body weight and a few helpful tools to whip your body into the best shape of your life. This is a harder and more intense workout than Insanity, but it promises to reveal results in a shorter amount of time. Insanity Asylum promises you will see results in only 30 days.

People who have done the Insanity Asylum workout have reported losing on average 18 lbs. A month and upward to 30 lbs. A month. These are amazing results to consider when on average a regular workout system only assist people with losing five pounds a month, and a typical diet tends only to help you lose about eight pounds a month. The Insanity Asylum results are considerably higher and more appealing for people who want the instant gratification of losing extreme amounts of weight immediately.

Insanity Asylum takes all you learned in the Insanity workout and adds a better meal plan, an agility ladder, and a speed rope to help you gain the results you have always dreamed of. You will also have at your fingertips a workout calendar, a playbook, which is a play by play of every exercise you will do to become the thinner more sculpted you, and weight loss guide. This is a complete workout system designed to give you the greatest results in the shortest amount of time.

How Does It Work?

The Insanity Asylum workout system is a six video fat burning workout program. Each workout targets a specific workout element to give you a variety of ways to gain the results you are looking for. You will indulge in the following:

Speed and Agility: Cardio drills to build your metabolism
Vertical Plyo: Glutes and leg workout
Relief: A metabolism affecting stretch workout
Strength: A strength building workout that also focuses on lengthening and trimming out your muscles
Game Day: A fat burning workout
Back To Core: A complete ab workout that strengthens the core and melts down the fat

plyometrics workout

This workout is not for the faint of heart. You will hustle through this workout at a pace you have never moved through before. You will be tired, and you will ache, but your results will be fabulous. The agility ladder is meant to help you improve your coordination and help you burn calories, while the speed rope is geared towards increasing your endurance, lowering the percentage of body fat in your body, and weight loss.

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The motivated and determined individual who does not mind a lot of pain for their extreme gain will find this workout to be fun and inspiring. Watching the weight burn off and the sculpted cuts appear will push you harder and motivate you to get up the next day and do it all again.


The reality is everyone wants the quickest, easiest fix possible to lose weight and possess a lean, trim, and sculpted body. The problem is to achieve these goals you really have to put in the time and effort. You cannot just eat as you please and sit on the couch all day. You have to get up, be active and eat properly.

Each one of these workout systems requires you to get up and move around. P90X3 and the 21 Day Fix are based on a 30 minute a day workout. P90X3 is more high impact than 21 Day Fix, which makes 21 Day Fix a better choice for those who would rather ease into a workout regimen. This is far more low impact and is less taxing on your body and muscles. You will still receive the results you want to achieve. The only difference is you will achieve them in a less intense way.

P90X, P90X3, Insanity, and Insanity Asylum are high impact workouts. Some are more intense than others. Insanity Asylum is the most intense of the four and produces the desired results in a shorter amount of time. They all use your body weight and a combination of strategically selected exercise combinations to give you the body sculpting results you desire. All four of these workouts deliver great results and a workout experience where you work hard and sweat a lot.

insanity vs. p90x workout

All of these workouts mentioned come with a specialized nutrition system to help you learn how to eat better. There are specially made recipes that are simple to make and the plans are easy to follow. Learning to eat better has never been simpler.

The ultimate takeaway from this review is there is a way to lose the weight you want and sculpt your body to become the body you have always dreamed of seeing in the mirror. It is just a question of what you are willing to commit yourself to doing. Are you a person who likes low impact or high impact? These are the crucial questions that will determine which one of these workouts is right for you.

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