How Fast Can An Electric Bike Go? Find Out Now.

how fast do electric bikes go

The history of a bike has come a long way ever since the first running machine hit the German roads in 1817. Pedals have been added. The drive chain is now integrated with the “derailleur” gearing system. And before you realized it, it has turned electric, evolving into a beautiful machine with endless possibilities. E-bikes … Read more

Why Are Basketball Hoops 10 Feet High?

This can all be traced back to the invention of the game when the original founder of basketball, James Naismith, hung peach baskets onto a railing that just so happened to be 10 feet off the ground. Basketball is no doubt one of the most played and watched sports in the world. Its continuous rise … Read more

10 Best Sunglasses For Beach Volleyball (2021)


Playing Volleyball is one of the fun things you can do on the beach in the summer. However, without the right preparation, it can be a real chore and ruin a day that’s supposed to be full or free-flowing athleticism. You can get sand in your eyes, the sun can constantly glare over your vision, … Read more

What Is The Best Beach Volleyball? (2021)

Beach Volleyball is a lot of fun during the summer. However, having one that’s not adequate for you is going to ruin the experience completely. To thoroughly enjoy that experience of playing with the ball, you need a good sense of quality to have fun with your peers. There’s a lot that goes into making … Read more

7 Best Ankle Braces For Volleyball 2021

Injuries are inevitable in sports and we need to reduce the chance of injury as much as possible in sports. Having an ankle brace won’t completely prevent an injury, but it will help reduce the chance of injury. Nothing is worse than an injury in sports because you won’t be able to play and the … Read more